Lemurian Scrolls: Angelic Prophecies Revealing Human Origins

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The Lemurian Shastras, which make up the first half of these scrolls, unfold a remarkable story of how souls journeyed to Earth in their subtle bodies some four million years ago. The narrators of the ancient texts explain that civilization on their native planets had reached a point of such peacefulness that spiritual evolution had come to a standstill. They needed a "fire planet," such as Earth, to continue their unfoldment into the ultimate attainment--realization of the Self within. To persist in the lush atmosphere, genderless, organic bodies were formed through food-offering ceremonies. Later, through a slow process of mutation, the fleshy bodies we know today as human were established as vehicles for reincarnation. As the book progresses, a diminishing of the spiritual forces radiating from the Central Sun of the galaxy is described. As spiritual awareness wanes, the life force of man, kundalini, sleeps and instinctive desire manifests in abundance. These amazing chronicles of early man's life on Earth are told from within great, walled monasteries where narrators look back and forward at the same time, often reading from ancient texts, describing the daily life of those within and outside these sacred citadels. The theme throughout is to continue channeling the pristine spiritual vibration from the Central Sun as long as possible and to preserve the Lemurian culture, its wisdom and knowledge for generations far into the future. This, under the guidance of powerful gurus working closely with great Gods, was the spiritual mission of the dedicated monastics of these eras. Largely it was done by implanting sacred writings in the akasha by mystical means.

The Dravidian Shastras, which make up the second half of Lemurian Scrolls, will interest you from the point of view of how humans lived at the end of the Dvapara Yuga, their society, internal and external government, the culture of those early years on the Earth and how some of it carried forth to this very day. Our narrators explain that it was in the far distant past that the people who formed societies realized they needed group spiritual guidance. This group guidance is, to this day, recognized as a viable form of community and leadership. Examples that come to mind are the Dalai Lama's Tibet, where something like one-third of the social order is a monastic group, serving the religious and political needs of the two-thirds family group. Thus their society was transparently stable for hundreds and hundreds of years. This and other societies, such as villages in Europe, where monks and nuns were valued, were settled with a certain percent of monastics who served the religious needs of the other residents. The division of lay community and monastic community results in a wealthy, highly productive, harmonious society. We learn in the Dravidian Shastras just how this was accomplished in the long, long ago. It is prophesied that sustainable societies will once again emerge when mankind returns to the wise protocols of these earlier times, where spiritual men and women, spiritual principles and spiritual sharing guided both individual and society, where religious leaders were valued and sought after, for the populace knew that if they could be engaged in the social effort, they would lend it a light and wisdom that would not otherwise be available or important. These last sixteen chapters of Lemurian Scrolls explain the procedures of management, their gurus and their protocol. We can see its wisdom really worked, and our monastic order endeavored to emulate it as much as was possible in this modern, diverse age where divisions are normally accepted as signs of an advancing civilization and religion is considered an interference with scientific points of view.

Migrating to this planet in their subtle bodies, many of our forebearers traveled through the Sun. The beginnings of mankind's mission on this planet came in a far-away time, when the atmosphere was dense with waters and gases. Flowers and animals were larger and more exotic than today. At first, the transformation from etheric to physical form was difficult, but ceremonies evolved which, using the fragrances of fruits and flowers, brought devotionally to special pedestals, assisted in bringing through beings who absorbed these organic essences to materialize a denser, earthly, fibrous body. These beings loved the many jewels and golden ornaments that were crafted to bedeck and help support their flexible forms. Human life did not evolve from lesser earthly species.

Yugas before mankind arrived on Earth, celestial beings in wingless spacecraft spread seeds from other planets. Souls arriving in the last Sat Yuga eventually formed monasteries in which experiments were conducted into the nature of life, designing forms it should take on this planet. Their flexible bodies were light and easily flew in the dense air. Occasionally, one would be devoured by an animal, thus capturing this soul in the incarnation cycle of that species. Through the long mutative process of repeatedly reentering these instinctive bodies, they finally cultivated a body similar to, yet cruder than, the first fibrous bodies. To release a soul caught in an animal reincarnation cycle into human birth, ceremonial sacrifice was conducted, with the knowledge and silent consent of the animal.

Fruits, honey, milk, nuts and seeds formed the basis of the pure and simple Lemurian diet. A most delectable dish called Lemurian prasadam was prepared daily in large vats, made of various combinations of fresh milk products such as yogurt, along with several fresh fruits, dates, nuts, seeds and honey from the bees, all gathered from the forests and fields in large baskets--mixed together and eaten from natural goards. It was a sattvic and invigorating meal, especially for those who deeply meditated. This was all they consumed day after day. To help keep the body flexible and easy to live in, exercises were performed at dawn, noon and sunset. Working with mental powers, they provided equilibrium for the planet, and nearly everything could be done with the mind, even moving and lifting things.
Author : Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
ISBN : 0945497709
Language : English
No of Pages : 396
Publication Date : 1998-10
Format/Binding : Hardcover
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