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    Nicolás - February 1 2022
  • "Great service."
    Jeferson - January 28 2022
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  • "The package arrived earlier on 19th of January"
    Victoria K. - January 27 2022
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Stay in touch with Books | World of Reading

Stay in touch with Books | World of Reading


                                       "Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.  – Mason Cooley"


Out of the numerous things that interest me on an everyday basis, ‘Reading’ tops the chart. Of course, what can be more enchanting than a good book in hand along with a cup of coffee, both complementing the dazzling weather out of my window. Isn't it rightly said, "A person who befriends books can never feel lonely.”? Books can assure you a lifelong company only if you stay loyal to them. The fast-moving lives of people barely leave people with time and energy to visit city libraries or read every now and then. Then how to cut loose from this humdrum of life? Here are a handful of tips for those readers who want to stay in touch with books and the world of reading.

  • Make a home library:  While most of the rooms in a house occupy the daily home routines, a small space can be built for you and your books to spend some private moments of tranquility. You can stuff your favorite reads here, sit back with a cup of coffee and open your latest must-read. It can also become a place of attraction for the guests at your home.


  • Spend your weekends reading: There are numerous ways – cooking, washing, arranging homes – that one can engage in to enrich their weekend experience. Rather than spending your weekend in idleness, spending it with your favorite book will not only add some knowledge to your account but will also rejuvenate you after an exhausting week of work.


  • Carry a book along: Travelling can be fun with a book as your companion, especially when you are traveling alone. Build a habit of carrying a small good read with you wherever you go. You never know when you are blessed with some spare time to immerse yourself into reading.


  • Find a Reading Partner: Reading can be more gratifying when you have a partner to share your reads with. Search a reading partner for yourself who has a heart and willingness to read and share your knowledge with them. This will never let you lose touch with the world of books and knowledge.


So, what are you waiting for? Grab the best collection of books and your favorite reads from Ergodebooks and get plunged into the world of reading. 

Hope you liked it.

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Posted On: November 27, 2018

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