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How to Get Your Kids More Interested in Science and Math

How to Get Your Kids More Interested in Science and Math


When you became a parent, you probably promised yourself that you would have fun with your kid; go on a hike and bike rides, bring out the old chemistry set, train them how to cook, or even go stargazing at night. But almost every day, you find your child glued to their iPad, committed to playing the latest games or Snapchatting with their friends. It has become difficult even to make them go outside and play, let alone get their interest in Math and Science. 

There is a buzz about how careers in science and math can urge your child to a successful career. But somehow, because of your hectic schedule, you might not have adequate time to encourage your children to be interested in math or science.

So, here are three ways to spark that interest, that creativity in your child. 

Explore Hands-On Learning

Whether you child is an uncertain computer programmer or an aspiring biologist, exploring hands-on learning activities such as robotics, electronic circuits, erector sets, and legos will aid in boosting your child's curiosity and get them involved in building things. To get started, you can purchase some experiments books for kids from These books will make your child want to do his/her experiments and explore science.  

Seek out mentors

Go to the local community college and check out for the kid's programs focusing on topics associated with science and maths. You might find some professors who can offer your child a tour of their lab and let them know what a scientist does in real life. If your child can connect with the professor, it will assist your child in understanding his/her affinity towards science, eventually seeking his career path correctly.


Get savvy with technology yourself

Since kids these days are technologically oriented, you need to harness this interest to help your kid explore science and math utilizing technology. There are numerous courses available online for kids to generate and expand their science and math learning abilities. You can get your child sign up for one of these courses and employ their screen time efficiently.

Watch a Science Movie

Although there are many popular, blockbuster sci-fi flicks, most of them are unrealistic and fiction. But you can always watch movies that are restricted to some extent in real science. Such films are learning possibilities for children. You can ask your child to differentiate between the erroneous pseudoscience and verifiable facts to see if they understand what is actually going on in the movie. Ask your child if the phenomena and the process in the film are possible given their knowledge about science. 


Buy them Engaging Books

Science and math can really be uninteresting if taught using conventional methods. But young math and science fans would love reading enthralling stories spanning various genres, including mysteries, nonfiction, fantasies, steampunk, robot tales and graphic novels. In some books, the key to the plot is science or math while in others, the characters have a knack for those subjects. Either way, you will find a plethora of books to choose from on 

Posted On: July 25, 2019

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