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Preserving The Old World Charm: Taking Care of Your Vinyl Records

Preserving The Old World Charm: Taking Care of Your Vinyl Records

There has been an increasing demand for Vinyl records amongst the music lovers. A reputed E-commerce portal like is the best online vinyl store and has a huge variety of these records for the choicest selection of its customers.

However, vinyl records are also very fragile and demand an extensive, regular cleaning and maintenance routine. The following are some of the steps that you can take to preserve the quality of your vinyl records for many years in the future.

  • Regular use

You must play your vinyl records regularly in order to keep them in working condition and to prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime in its grooves.

  • Appropriate Storage 

Best online vinyl stores like also recommend that appropriate storage is essential to maintain the health of your vinyl records. You must store them vertically, as records lying horizontally are more prone to getting damaged. The storage shelf should be protected from direct sunlight, dust, and humidity.  

  • Protective Shield 

Rather than putting the records directly in the jacket, you should place them in polypropylene sleeves and then put them in their jackets. This will give them 2-layered protection from the dust.

  • Handle with care 

Do not hold the records by gripping their black part. Instead, hold the inner and outer edge between your fingers. This will prevent the dirt on your hands from being transferred into the grooves of the vinyl records.


  • Regular cleaning schedule

Devising a cleaning and maintenance schedule on a daily basis for your vinyl records collection is a must. Use a mild cleaning solution and distilled water for wiping the records. You may also use wood glue for the deep cleaning of the record.

Avoid using harsh cleaners with alcohol as alcohol permanently damages the record. To wipe or dust off the records; you should use a soft microfiber cleaning cloth or a carbon fiber brush only.

  • Use of machine or professional services

In order to remove caked dirt in the grooves, you may use vinyl cleaning machines with a vacuum cleaning system that will suck the grime out of the grooves.

However, such machines are expensive to buy. In this case, you may approach any local store that sells such vinyl records for their cleaning services. Scheduling your cleaning visits every month would be ideal for the maintenance of your record collection.  

  • Clean the needle 

Cleaning the record is not sufficient. You should clean the needle also as accumulated dirt on it may ruin the nuances of the music for you and may damage the Vinyl record in the long run. Ideally, you should replace it at least once a year to ensure the longevity of the records.

Regular and careful cleaning of your records will ensure that you are able to enjoy your favorite music for many years to come in the future.

Posted On: September 03, 2019

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