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Bonding over Books

Bonding over Books

While many of us spend a large share of our time on digital devices, the children need to spend quality time with parents in order to grow up as well-rounded and caring individuals. The couples also need to connect with each other as partners to keep their mutual affection thriving. Reading together is strongly advocated by the positive parenting books and the relationship coaches to develop this mutual respect and love.

As the video is a high-speed, high-interaction medium; it absorbs the person watching it in itself completely. It leaves no room for interaction or pondering over the content. You are completely disconnected with the actual, physical world surrounding you and transported into an imaginary world created by someone else.

Hence, the constant consumption of video content creates a disruption within the family. There is hardly any connection between the family members in the leisure hours as everyone prefers to sit in isolation watching their own favorite movie rather than discussing the events of a weekday with each other or being outdoors on weekends.

Reading, on the other hand, implies spending slow, quality and highly enriched time with your loved ones. The top-rated positive parenting books accord very high importance to parents’ reading daily with the kids. It offers huge advantages for kids like developing the vocabulary and developing vivid imagination.

Kids also become highly sensitized towards the emotions of others as they share in the emotions of various characters during reading. Parents can also choose to make this time more special, full of fun and learning by devising on-the-spot quizzes or role-playing. These activities are bound to create fond memories that the kids will treasure.

The high-stress levels at workplaces as well as to keep up with the demands of maintaining the lifestyle of the 21st century pressurize most of the couples working long hours in offices or being connected to their digital devices for professional purposes even after regular work hours. This results in a lack of quality time with your spouse where you can just relax and connect with each other as life partners and not as parents or professionals.

Reading together can be the best way to revive the romance in your life where you can read some of the best romantic novels and travel away from the hustle and bustle of mundane daily life. These romantic novels may be from the old day classics like Pride and Prejudice or they may be from the contemporary favorites like The Notebook or The Fault in Our Stars.

You can read these books on kindle. A better way to enjoy these positive parenting books with your kids or the romantic novels with your spouse will be to buy them from a reputed e-commerce portal like that stocks a large variety of titles under these categories. You will have plenty of books to select from and plan your special family time on a daily basis.

Posted On: September 03, 2019

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