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Vinyl: Why old is gold

Vinyl: Why old is gold


Vinyl records are known for their rich and colorful sound. Listening to vinyl records will make you feel like you are at a live concert. With the birth of CD/digital, the demand vinyl gradually declined. Vinyl is still available today and they are more preferable to listening to music in a digital format. You can head to, the best online vinyl store if you are looking to buy vinyl records. 


If you are time-constrained, listening to digital music with just the click of a button is perfect for you. But if you have enough time to spend like a cozy weekend, there’s no better feeling than selecting a vinyl from your collection, placing it on your player and dropping the needle and waiting for the first note of the song to play. Listening to vinyl music will automatically improve your taste in music. Vinyl for modern, airy, mass-produced music is very hard to find in the market. You can find the vinyl of songs with great songwriters and good music production. Shopping for vinyl in music stores brings back memories of going through numerous hours of aimlessly searching for music. You talk to people whether to take the risk of buying a particular vinyl which you are not sure about. In the process, you end up socializing and making new friends. Shopping for Vinyl in music stores is a far better social experience than an app or an online music store. One of the biggest factors that makes Vinyl more superior is the quality of sound. Most of the music is broadcast in a lossy format where the overall quality of sound is compressed and some details are missing. You won’t get the full picture of the track even if you are listening to it on the radio. With vinyl, no audio data is lost when recording the tracks. Hence it gives you a live feeling when you listen to them. Owning a collection of vinyl also gives you monetary opportunities. There is a group of people who love collecting, buying and selling vinyl records because vinyl always keeps its purchase value. Over a period of time, the value increases. When you purchase a record, you are also investing to sell later at a higher value or pass it down to your kids. Such opportunities are not available for digital music. 


Old is gold. Vinyl is an old technology that has managed to remain unchanged for so many decades. It will not be going anywhere because it’s the perfect device for listening to soulful music.

Posted On: November 07, 2019

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