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Adorning the Season of Merriment

Adorning the Season of Merriment

Santa Claus is all ready to begin its journey on his sleigh with a bagful of gifts and surprises this Christmas. As 25th December 2019 commemorates the birthday of Lord Jesus, people in the west consider this festival the most auspicious and sacred. The word, Jesus meaning ‘the savior’, the belief of Lord Jesus protecting them is imbibed in their soul and religion. Hence, every year on this day Lord Jesus is given birth by his own people of the west with utmost grace and celebrations.


Christmas trees are embellished with lights and ornaments symbolizing colors and happiness. The reason why people across the globe decorate these trees is that these trees are considered a symbol of life amidst the winter. The Churches are lit on the night of 25th with worshipers around a beautifully decorated crib to seek blessings of Lord Jesus. On the day of Christmas people are seen exchanging happiness, laughter, and present.


Apart from this, the festival holds a history behind the Twelve Days of Christmas. It might seem implausible given the fact ‘Christmas creep’ now begins before Halloween, but the actual Christmas season actually commences on Christmas Day itself. That's exactly what December 25 marks the official start of the 12 days of Christmas, the Christian tradition that divides its name with a relentlessly stick-in-your-head Christmas carol. Here are a few things you might not know about the song and the season both.


The 12 days of Christmas is the period in the Christian theology which marks the time between the birth of Christ and the coming of Magi, the three wise men. It starts on December 25, I.e Christmas and runs through January 6 which marks the Epiphany, (at times also called Three Kings' Day). The four weeks before Christmas are collectively known as Advent(Arrival), which begins from days till Christmas (I.e four Sundays preceding Christmas) and ends on December 24.


Some families across the world choose to mark the 12-day period by observing feast days of various saints (including St. Stephen on December 26) and organizing daily Christmas-related activities, but for many others, after December 25th things go back to business routine as usual.


Not to forget, The 12 Days of Christmas is also a Christmas carol(song) in which the singer boasts about all the cool gifts they received from their true love during the 12 days of Christmas. Every verse builds on the previous one that serves as a really effective way to annoy family members on road trips.


Thereafter the song adds a gift for each day, raising on the verse before it until you have recited all 12 gifts together. The history of this song is somewhat gloomy. The very initial version first appeared in a 1780 children's book called Mirth Without Mischief. Some historians believe that the song could be French origin, but most of them agree it was designed as a memory and forfeit game, in which singers tested their recall of the lyrics and had to gift their opponents a forfeit I.e a kiss or a favor of some kind, if at all they made a mistake.

Posted On: December 03, 2019

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