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Remembrance of Things Past
Features ofRemembrance of Things PastHardcover | Publisher: Random House; First Edition edition (198..
Ex Tax: $66.93
The Education of a Gardener
The Education of a GardenerSince its first publication in 1962, "The Education of a Gardener" has be..
Ex Tax: $66.86
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: Limited Edition
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: Limited Edition Shots rang out in Savannah's grandest mansi..
Ex Tax: $66.53
Audubon: A Vision
Audubon: A VisionA collection of poems inspired by the life and writings of the famous naturalistSpe..
Ex Tax: $65.47
Julius Caesar (World landmark books, W-43)
Features ofJulius Caesar (World landmark books, W-43)Julius Caesar (World landmark books, W-43)Speci..
Ex Tax: $64.45
The Elegant Man: How to Construct the Ideal Wardrobe
The Elegant Man: How to Construct the Ideal WardrobeIn the tradition of Alan Flussers CLOTHES AND TH..
Ex Tax: $64.22
Dr. Folkman's War: Angiogenesis and the Struggle to Defeat Cancer
Dr. Folkman's War: Angiogenesis and the Struggle to Defeat CancerIn 1961, twenty-eight-year-old Dr. ..
Ex Tax: $63.86
FDR: Into the Storm 1937-1940
FDR: Into the Storm 1937-1940 FDR: The War President opens as Roosevelt has been re-elected to a thi..
Ex Tax: $63.50
La cuisine est un jeu d'enfants
Features ofLa cuisine est un jeu d'enfantsLa cuisine est un jeu d'enfantsSpecification of La cuisine..
Ex Tax: $63.36
Crusoe of Lonesome Lake
Crusoe of Lonesome LakeClean, bright copy of this hardcover in its bright green adn black decorative..
Ex Tax: $62.45
Cold Friday
Cold FridayA collection of writings by Whittaker Chambers who emerged as such a controversial figure..
Ex Tax: $62.43
The Sixties
The SixtiesThe photographer Richard Avedon and the writer Doon Arbus began collaborating on this boo..
Ex Tax: $62.40
Picasso's posters
Picasso's postersFirst American Edition. Originally published in French in Switzerland. Three prefra..
Ex Tax: $61.91
A Capote Reader
A Capote ReaderDivided into six parts, this volume contains twelve short stories, two novellas, thir..
Ex Tax: $60.95
Crossing to Safety
Crossing to SafetyCalled a ..
Ex Tax: $60.42
The Writer's Desk
The Writer's DeskIntimate, fascinating photos of famous writers at work, by the photographer who has..
Ex Tax: $58.98
Myra Breckinridge and Myron
Myra Breckinridge and MyronMyra's personality is altered by her sex change operation and Myron is tr..
Ex Tax: $58.57
Film as a Subversive Art
Film as a Subversive ArtA classic returns. The original edition of Amos Vogel's seminal book, Film a..
Ex Tax: $58.52
The Everyday Writer, 4th Edition
The Everyday Writer, 4th EditionClick here to find out more about the 2009 MLA Updates and the 2010 ..
Ex Tax: $58.06
The Explorations of Pere Marquette
The Explorations of Pere MarquetteHow big was this New World? Was it just a narrow strip of land bet..
Ex Tax: $58.05