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The Last Guardian of Everness (Chronicles of Everness)
The Last Guardian of Everness (Chronicles of Everness)The rave reviews for John Wright's science fic..
Ex Tax: $30.37
Hunters of Dune
Hunters of Dune2006 TOR hardcover, Brian Herbert (Mentats of Dune), Kevin J. Anderson. Hunters of Du..
Ex Tax: $30.37
The Horse Goddess (Celtic World of Morgan Llywelyn)
Troy is in crumbling ruin and Athens is rising far to the south. It is a time when mortal men and wo..
Ex Tax: $30.37
Wolfskin (The Light Isles)
Wolfskin (The Light Isles)All young Eyvind ever wanted was to become a great Viking warrior--a Wolfs..
Ex Tax: $30.01
Five Hundred Years After
Five Hundred Years AfterKhaavren, Pel, Aerich, and Tazendra meet again after five hundred years, jus..
Ex Tax: $29.93
Faun & Games (Xanth)
Faun & Games (Xanth)Another humorous science-fiction adventure in the best-selling Xanth series move..
Ex Tax: $29.50
Why Me (Dortmunder)
Why Me (Dortmunder)Having unsuspectingly lifted the hottest rock in town, John Dortmunder is the pre..
Ex Tax: $29.35
The Precipice (The Asteroid Wars, Book 1)
The Precipice (The Asteroid Wars, Book 1)Once, Dan Randolph was one of the richest men on Earth. Now..
Ex Tax: $29.32
The Dastard (Xanth, No. 24)
The Dastard (Xanth, No. 24)Piers Anthony's comical chronicles of his enchanted realm of Xanth are am..
Ex Tax: $29.32
What Dreams May Come
A classic novel of love after death, from one our greatest fantasy writers. The premise is deceptiv..
Ex Tax: $28.94
The Path: A New Look At Reality
The Path: A New Look At RealityRichard Matheson's bestselling novel, What Dreams May Come, the basis..
Ex Tax: $28.79
Xenocide (The Enders Series, Volume 3)
Xenocide (The Enders Series, Volume 3)Days after all communication between Earth and the fleet sent ..
Ex Tax: $28.65
Knot Gneiss (Xanth)
Knot Gneiss (Xanth)Wenda Woodwife has a knotty problem--her mood swings have sent her beloved husban..
Ex Tax: $28.61
Escape from Hell
Allan Carpenter escaped from hell once but remained haunted by what he saw and endured.  He has now ..
Ex Tax: $28.39
Starman (The Wayfarer Redemption, Book 3)
Starman (The Wayfarer Redemption, Book 3)Axis is the StarMan of prophecy and legend, destined to lea..
Ex Tax: $28.16
The Summer Queen: An Epic Novel of the Snow Queen Cycle
The Summer Queen: An Epic Novel of the Snow Queen CycleSequel To The Hugo Award-Winning Bestseller T..
Ex Tax: $28.02
1: The Knight: Book One of The Wizard Knight
A young man in his teens is transported from our world to a magical realm that contains seven levels..
Ex Tax: $27.91
7th Sigma
7th SigmaWelcome to the territory. Leave your metal behind, all of it. The bugs will eat it, and the..
Ex Tax: $27.13
The Android's Dream
The Android's DreamA human diplomat kills his alien counterpart. Earth is on the verge of war with a..
Ex Tax: $27.13
Strange Travelers: New Selected Stories
Strange Travelers: New Selected StoriesGene Wolfe is producing the most significant body of short fi..
Ex Tax: $27.12