Rockefeller Medicine Men: Medicine And Capitalism In America

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Rockefeller Medicine Men: Medicine and Capitalism in America

Rockefeller Medicine Men: Medicine and Capitalism in America
By E. Richard Brown


--Other Interest Groups
--Foundations and the State

I-"Wholesale Philanthropy": From Charity to Social Transformation
--Creating Private Fortunes and Social Discontent
--Driving the Reluctant Poor from Poverty
--Training Scientific Heads to Direct America's "Hard Hands"
--Carnegie's "Gospel of Wealth"
--Reverand Gates Introduces Rockefeller to "Wholesale Philanthropy"
--The Reverend Frederick T. Gates: The Making of a Rockefeller Medicine Man
--The General Education Board: $129 Million for Strategic Philanthropy
--Social Managers for a Corporate Society

II-Scientific Medicine I: Ideology of a Professional Uplift
--American Medicine in the 1800s
--Incomplete Professionalization
--Medicine as a Science
--Gaining Public Confidence
--Reducing Competition
--Technical Requirements of Scientific Medical Education
--"Nonsectarian" Medicine Undermines the Sects
--Specialization: Less Competition for the Elite
--Gains and Losses

III-Scientific Medicine II: The Preservation of Capital
--Medical Technology and Capital
--Welch: A Rockefeller Medicine Man
--Rockefeller Money and Medical Science: A Social Investment
--Homeopathy: The Conflict Simmers
--Scientific Medicine and Capitalist Gates
--Healthier Workers
--Ideological Medicine
--Gates' Digression
--A Permanent Investment

IV-Reforming Medical Education: Who Will Rule Medicine?
--Practitioners Gain a Foothold
--Council on Medical Education
--Money for Medical Education: Who Will Pay?
--Help from the Carnegie Foundation
--The "Flexner Report"
--The General Education Board: Medical Education gets a Different Drummer
--Full Time: "Gold or Glory"
--Selling the Full-Time Proposal
--Boston Brahmins Resist
--Fear and Trembling in the Board Room
--State Universities: Professionals, the State, and Corporate Liberalism
--Summing Up

V-Epilogue: A Half-Century of Medicine in Corporate Capitalist Society
--Frederick T. Gates and the Rockefeller Philanthropies
--Rationalizing the Medical Market
--The Committee on the Costs of Medical Care
--Doctors and the Capital-Intensive Commodity Sector
--The State: Rationalizing the Private Market
--The Growth of Capital-Intensive Commodities
--The "Corporate Rationalizers"
--The State and Capitalist Medicine
--Up Against the Medical Market
--National Health Insurance: More of the Same
--Technological Medicine
--Scientific Medicine: Beliefs and Reality
--Life, Death, and Medicine


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We think these benefits are worth the occasional imperfection resulting from the age of these books at the time of scanning, and their vintage feel provides a connection to the past that goes beyond the mere words of the text.

Specifications of Rockefeller Medicine Men: Medicine and Capitalism in America

AuthorE.Richard Brown
PublisherUniversity of California Press
Number Of Pages304
Publication Date1979-09
Height1.11 inch.
Length9.13 inch.
Width6.57 inch.
Weight1.58 pounds.

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