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Barney Goes To The Fair
Barney Goes To The FairThe popular purple dinosaur has his own series of great books for preschooler..
Ex Tax: $49.33
What a Tantrum! / Vaya Rabieta!      (Paperback)
Specifications of What a Tantrum! / Vaya Rabieta!GENERALAuthorMireille d'AllanceBindingPaperbackLang..
Ex Tax: $48.47
Boom Town
Boom TownIn the sequel to Nine for California, Amanda, in search of some excitement in her boring Ca..
Ex Tax: $48.23
The Sapphire Princess Hunts for Treasure (Jewel Kingdom #6)      (Paperback)
When a bottle containing a treasure map floats ashore, Princess Sabrina and her butterfly Zazz seek ..
Ex Tax: $48.21
Shades of Black: A Celebration of Our Children
Shades of Black: A Celebration of Our ChildrenA husband and wife team presents a collection of full-..
Ex Tax: $47.45
The Party
The PartyTwo sisters do not want to go their Grandma's birthday picnic and spend time with relatives..
Ex Tax: $47.15
When I'm Big
When I'm BigOne rainy afternoon Mo and her brother Joe fire up their imaginations and start trading ..
Ex Tax: $47.15
The Teeny Tiny Teacher: A Teeny Tiny Ghost Story      (Hardcover)
An ingenious, humorous adaptation of a folktale follows a tiny teacher to the park, where she finds ..
Ex Tax: $46.58
Taking Charge      (Hardcover)
Taking ChargeWhen her mother leaves to care for her sick grandmother, Amanda offers to take care of ..
Ex Tax: $45.99
Awesome Ancient Ancestors (Americas Horrible Histories, 2)
Awesome Ancient Ancestors (Americas Horrible Histories, 2)Introduces the earliest humans to live in ..
Ex Tax: $45.61
Sirena      (Hardcover)
SirenaA mermaid named Sirena meets Philoctetes, a mortal and a friend of Hercules, and falls in love..
Ex Tax: $45.21
How Do Dinosaurs... Pocket Library      (Hardcover)
How Do Dinosaurs... Pocket Libraryclass="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt">How do dinosaurs lea..
Ex Tax: $43.32
Insects Are My Life (Orchard Paperbacks)      (Paperback)
Insects Are My Life (Orchard Paperbacks)Amanda Frankenstein's enthusiasm for insects annoys family a..
Ex Tax: $43.28
How the Spider Saved Christmas
Book by Product weight : 0.2 pounds..
Ex Tax: $42.75
Rocking Horse Christmas      (Hardcover)
A rocking horse, outgrown by its little boy owner, faithfully waits by the attic window for his frie..
Ex Tax: $42.63
Springtime in Chubby Town (Chubby Puppies, 1)
Springtime in Chubby Town (Chubby Puppies, 1)When spring comes to Chubby Town and all the inhabitant..
Ex Tax: $41.65
The Black Snowman      (Hardcover)
The Black SnowmanThrough the powers of a magical kente, a black snowman comes to life and helps youn..
Ex Tax: $41.14
Find Where The Wind Goes: Moments From My Life
Following her childhood dreams, Mae Jemison grew to become an accomplished woman as a chemical engin..
Ex Tax: $39.46
Rainbow Brite: Rainbow Surprises!
Rainbow Brite: Rainbow Surprises!A sturdy lift-the-flap cardstock book!Lift the flaps to uncover all..
Ex Tax: $39.45
Get Ready For 2nd Grade
Get Ready For 2nd GradeGive children a head start in school with this collection of 100 ready-to-go,..
Ex Tax: $39.44