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Will You Please Feed Our Cat?      (Hardcover)
Will You Please Feed Our Cat?When Mary Ann and Louie complain about the troubles they are having tak..
Ex Tax: $84.09
Animal, Vegetable, Or Mineral?
Animal, Vegetable, Or Mineral?Applies concept photography to a classic childhood game, implementing ..
Ex Tax: $68.51
Nature All Year Long      (Hardcover)
Nature All Year LongDescribes the different plants, animals, and landscapes that can be seen outdoor..
Ex Tax: $65.92
We Hide, You Seek
We Hide, You SeekThe reader is invited to find animals hidden in their natural habitat.Specification..
Ex Tax: $57.91
Rowan      (Hardcover)
A child and a new puppy work through the difficult initial adjustments and soon belong to each other..
Ex Tax: $51.46
Rolling Rose      (Hardcover)
Rose loves to roll around in her walker, and when no one is looking, she makes a break for the door,..
Ex Tax: $49.07
The Worst Goes South      (Hardcover)
The Worst Goes SouthGrumpy Mr. Worst, the worst person in the world, leaves for Florida to avoid the..
Ex Tax: $48.67
You Never Know: A Legend of the Lamed-vavniks      (Hardcover)
You Never Know: A Legend of the Lamed-vavniksThe town of Plotchnik hasn't had a drop of rain in fort..
Ex Tax: $46.28
Fishing at Long Pond      (Hardcover)
While fishing for bass, Katie and her grandfather observe a deer, an osprey, a goose, and other pond..
Ex Tax: $45.90
Hexwood      (Hardcover)
HexwoodAnn Staveley, in bed with a virus in her home near Hexwood Farm, watches people disappear int..
Ex Tax: $45.04
Bartholomew Fair      (Library Binding)
Bartholomew FairOn an August day in 1598 six people, including Queen Elizabeth, a wealthy cloth merc..
Ex Tax: $40.46
JulyThe author recalls the summers he and his brother spent at their grandparents' house near the be..
Ex Tax: $39.90
Grandpa's Too-Good Garden      (Hardcover)
Grandpa's Too-Good GardenGrandpa tells Mary Ann and Louie about a garden he had years ago that his b..
Ex Tax: $32.76
Anna's Garden Songs      (Hardcover)
Anna's Garden SongsA collection of fourteen poems about the beet, potato, radish, onion, and other p..
Ex Tax: $30.57
Whistling"Jake," Daddy whispers. "It's almost time."As the sky begins to lighten, Jake and his daddy..
Ex Tax: $29.31
Un-Happy New Year, Emma!      (Hardcover)
Un-Happy New Year, Emma!Emma struggles in her New Year's resolution to be nicer to the other witches..
Ex Tax: $28.30
Which Pig Would You Choose?      (Hardcover)
Maggie and Will spend a busy day on the farm, making many choices in which the reader may share Feat..
Ex Tax: $23.93
Aunt Nina's Visit      (Hardcover)
Aunt Nina's VisitAunt Nina brings six kittens to her assorted nieces and nephews, and her young rela..
Ex Tax: $23.41
Aunt Nina's Visit      (Hardcover)
Aunt Nina's VisitAunt Nina brings six kittens to her assorted nieces and nephews, and her young rela..
Ex Tax: $23.41
Gramma's Walk      (Hardcover)
Gramma's WalkDonnie and Gramma, who is in a wheelchair, take an imagined walk to the seashore and sm..
Ex Tax: $23.38