Stretching Scientifically: A Guide To Flexibility Training

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Stretching Scientifically tells you how to workout and what kept you from becoming more flexible faster. It tells you all the whys of dos and don'ts so now you will know how to develop your flexibility quickly and safely. You will know how to determine your potential flexibility (you will see if you have the potential to do front and side splits), how to make your muscles longer and stronger, and how to have your full range of motion without any warm-up.

Stretching Scientifically discusses all factors limiting flexibility (muscle tissue, connective tissue, and nervous system). Brilliantly simple tests of hip joint mobility and of your muscle length dispel common misconceptions on what limits your flexibility the most. You will learn how to develop each of the three kinds of flexibility (dynamic, static active, and static passive) to suit your athletic needs. Sensible design of exercises lets you stretch alone -- without a partner or equipment while the use of knowledge of methodology of sports training improves your flexibility instantly with only a few minutes of stretching daily.

Do you know that it takes only eight weeks to attain maximum dynamic flexibility? Only eight weeks to high kicks with no warm-up! If you work on it for any longer than that it means that you or your instructor is doing something wrong.


* How to stretch safely and quickly to achieve and maintain your maximum flexibility

* How to make your muscles grow stronger and longer so you stay flexible all the time

* How to attain maximum height in your kicks and to be able to kick at that height with no warm-up

* How to do splits even if you are over 40 or 50

* How to kick high and do splits with no warm-up

* What exercises are no-no's if you want to stretch your muscles

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