Aleister Crowley'S Illustrated Goetia

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Aleister Crowley'S Illustrated Goetia

Aleister Crowley'S Illustrated Goetia

In 1904, Aleister Crowley commissioned, edited, introduced and released an English translation of The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King, the first of five magical texts known as the Lemegeton. Although various editions have remained in print over the years, relatively few individuals have actually participated in an evocation of a Goetic Spirit. The reasons for this are many, but perhaps the single, most compelling excuse is rooted in the mistaken belief that to successfully evoke a spirit, one must conform blindly to the archaic procedures and long-winded conjurations outlined in the original text.Before his death in 1947, Crowley's attitude toward the Goetia appears to have changed considerably. His masterful expansion and perfection of the "Preliminary Invocation of the Goetia" is a prime example. But, perhaps the most significant evidence is that he drastically simplified the system by the innovative use of the Enochian Calls of John Dee as conjurations.Now, Christopher Hyatt has joined with occultist Lon Milo DuQuette and artist/magician David Wilson to glean extraordinary magical and philosophical treasures from this most misunderstood subject.Goetia refers to all the operations of that Magick which deals with gross, malignant or unenlightened forces. Goetia is sometimes thought of as a wild card, something that can get out of control, something which expresses the operator's lower desires to control others and improve his own personal life. And, in fact, this potential loss of control, this danger, the desire for self improvement and great power is exactly what attracts many people to Goetia while horrifying and repelling others. Crowley's Goetia is brought to life with vivid illustrations of the demons. Commentary by DuQuette and Hyatt bring the ancient arts into the modern day.ReviewUnambiguous. Cuts through the superfluous and gets right to what is necessary. --N. Mara-McKay (aka Psyche), Spiral NatureA very modern, practical approach. A book well worth studying. --Baelder MagazineExtremely disturbing. --David Carrico, Christian Broadcasting NetworkA very modern, practical approach. A book well worth studying. --Baelder MagazineExtremely disturbing. --David Carrico, Christian Broadcasting NetworkAbout the AuthorAleister Crowley (1875-1947), also known as 'The Great Beast' and the 'Wickedest Man in the World,' was one of the most profound students of Magick, Qabalah and yoga psychology. His vast influence reaches through all modern occultism. He is widely recognized as the first Western investigator to give initiation a truly scientific method. In reconciling occultism to physical science, mathematics and philosophy, Crowley achieved a lasting synthesis that remains unsurpassed for depth of insight and comprehensiveness. Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D., Adv. M.ED. was trained in psycho-physiology and clinical psychology. As a research scientist he has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in professional journals and was a Research Fellow at the University of Toronto and the University of Southern California. He fled the world of academia and state sponsored psychology to become an explorer of the human mind...creating such devices as theRadical Undoing Series. He is now a world-famous author of a wide variety of books, CDs, and DVDs on post-modern psychology, sex, tantra, kundalini and mysticism...and an advocate of brain exploration. Lon Milo DuQuette is a noted Tantric authority who has written and taught extensively in the areas of Mysticism, Magick and Tarot.

Specification of Aleister Crowley'S Illustrated Goetia

AuthorCrowley, Aleister|Duquette, Lon Milo|Hyatt, Christopher S.
EditionUK ed.
PublisherThe Original Falcon Press
Publication Year15-04-2017

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