Basic Structures Of Matter: Supergravitation Unified Theory

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The search for alternative concept about space (physical vacuum) has been abandoned for 100 years, considering that this issue is solved once for ever. At the same time, Nature surprises the physicists with unexplainable phenomena. My 30 years experience in different fields of physics and technology gave me a confidence to try one original approach. For many years, my mind was bothered by the curiosity of Nature. Every atom, either here or in a distant galaxy has exactly the same complex spectral signature. Even for the simplest atom, the hydrogen, we need a complex mathematics to describe its spectrum. Then the logical question is: How the laws of Physics are written in the language of Nature? This issue obviously has physical and philosophical aspect. My endeavour to get a logical answer evolved into a deep rational vision about some fundamental principles in Nature. I arrived to ideas that may seem speculative from a first gland, but if the curious reader is acquainted with the analysis and the arguments, he will find that the conclusions and the predictions are reasonable. Some of the most intriguing questions are: In what kind of space we live? What is behind the inertia and gravitation? For a first time, the reader will find such issue discussed in understandable way, free of abstractness. The analysis of some enigmatic phenomena from a new point of view leads to conclusions and predictions, which have not been discussed so far. They might invoke a new technological advance. This book provides the physical base for supporting of such statement. The presented theoretical work falls into the category of Unified Theories The treatise Basic Structures of Matter, a Super Gravitation Unified Theory unveils the relation between the forces in Nature by adopting of the following framework:

- Empty Euclidian space without any physical properties and restrictions
- Two super dens fundamental particles, able to vibrate and congregate
- A fundamental law of Super Gravitation (SG) - an inverse cubic law valid in empty space.

Enormous abundance of these particles, driven by the fundamental SG law into self-organised hierarchical levels of geometrical formations, leads deterministically to creation of space with quantum properties - physical vacuum and a galaxy as observable matter. All known laws of Physics are embedded in the underlying structure of the physical vacuum and the structure of the elementary particles. The fundamental SG law is behind the gravitational, electric and magnetic fields and governs all kind of interactions between the elementary particles in the space of physical vacuum. The theoretical models show excellent agreement with the experiments and observations.

The treatise Basic Structures of Matter (BSM) is based on an original idea about physical vacuum, which has never been investigated so far. It follows the prediction of James Clerk Maxwell, the farther of modern physics, for search of the structure of the space. The suggested concept allows explanation of all enigmatic phenomena in Particle Physics, Quantum mechanics, Relativity and Cosmology in real 3-dimensional space using reliable classical methods without unnecessary abstractness.

The presented treatise opens a new opportunity for investigating the micro and macro Cosmos. One of the practically useful results is the unveiled structure of the elementary particles and atomic nuclei, graphically presented in the Appendix Atlas of Atomic Nuclear Structures. They could be used by the researchers in the fields of structural chemistry, nanotechnology, biomolecules and for further understanding of the nuclear reactions and radioactivity. Some conclusions have important ecological aspect. BSM offer investigation of tornado phenomenon from a new point of view. One important issue from ecological aspect is the envisioned new kind of danger from a nuclear explosion, which is has not been recognized so far.

The BSM is particularly useful for researchers in the fields of the Zero Point Energy, gravitation and inertia. Among the most important results, summarized in the last Chapter 13, are the following: Theoretical proof for existence of the most universal law in Nature - the Law of Supergravitation. It is behind all physical phenomena and directly related to a hidden space energy, which appears to be a primary source of the nuclear energy; Predicting the possibility and the potential physical mechanisms for control of the gravitation and inertia of a material object; Predicting of hidden non-EM waves and a possibility for Supercommunication by such waves.

BSM theory is a scientific monograph written in 13 chapters and few appendices. The derived structures and physical models are illustrated by a large number of drawings. Since all models operate in a real 3-dimensional space, the analysis is understandable and free of illusive solutions. This facilitates the mathematical treatment.

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