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Product Description Beelzebub, the prince of demons, is bored. Its his destiny to one day rule the dark underworld known as the Red Realm, but its sooo boring down there. All he wants to do is lay around all day in the lava pits (ahhh), boss everyone around (rude!), and maybe play a cruel prank (or two). But Beelzebubs father has had it with his sons nasty attitude. No one backtalks the Red King. NO ONE. A disgraced Beelzebub is banished by his father and cursed to spend his days in the worst place either of them can imagine. EARTH. Now Beezer (his new name...which he hates...) has to navigate a family (who are way too nice for his liking) that doesnt know the truth behind where he really came from. Oh, and his human body? Not a fan. Too many feelings! And it makes weird sounds. What would Beezer do to get back home and reclaim his rightful place next to his father? Anything it takes. That is unless, he finds a new path (ugh work). About the Author Brandon T. Snider is a New York City based writer and actor who has written for and appeared on Comedy Centrals Inside Amy Schumer. Hes also been featured on Late Night with Conan OBrien, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Chappelle Show.

Specification of Beezer

AuthorSnider, Brandon T.
BindingAudio CD
PublisherAudible Studios on Brilliance
Publication Year20201013

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