Black Friday

Black Friday

A nation has become divided by another controversial presidential recount. Not only does the controversial recount threaten to bring down a presidential administration and a prominent Internet company, but it has also given al-Qaeda an opportunity to strike in a way that it has never done before. The time-honored tradition of Americans shopping the day after Thanksgiving is the only thread that now unites America; it could become the opportunity to take down the United States, which al-Qaeda has long dreamed of. Can the various governmental agencies stop the attack from happening? Are there also elements from within that are planning to strike the United States as well? If all efforts to thwart our enemies fail, the day Black Friday could have an entirely new meaning.

Specification of Black Friday

AuthorTom Dicarpio
PublisherTrafford Publishing
Publication Year2013
Height8.5 inch.
Length0.75 inch.
Width5.51 inch.
Weight1.05 pounds pounds.

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