Mass Effect: The Complete Comics

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Mass Effect: The Complete Comics

Mass Effect: The Complete Comics

The champions of BioWare's award winning series embark on thrilling interstellar expeditions through alien war and existential crisis, struggling for peace and fighting for the right to survive.Mass Effect's vibrant world is teeming with conflict, and always on the edge of tipping into despair--but there are some who still struggle to maintain order in the chaos and secure the future of the galaxy. Join Liara as she teams up with the Drell Feron to recover the body of Commander Shepard from the Shadow Broker, uncover the origins of the Illusive Man in an epic tale of betrayal and discovery, and witness Aria defend the space station Omega from Cerberus forces, as well as the internal conflicts at Cerberus and the lives of the agents who serve it. Also included in this volume are collected stories of characters you love like Garrus, Tali'Zorah, and Wrex, and the seriesDiscovery which follows the Turian soldier Tiran Kandros.This book compiles all of theMass Effect comic book series in one affordable, accessible, and comprehensive format--a must buy for fans of theMass Effect universe and BioWare.CollectsMass Effect: Redemption #1-4,Mass Effect: Evolution #1-4,Mass Effect: Invasion #1-4,Mass Effect: Homeworlds #1-4,Mass Effect: Foundation #1-13, andMass Effect: Discovery #1-4.About the AuthorMac Walters is a writer and creative director at BioWare. Walters has worked on the

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