Companion To Clinical Neurology (Medicine)

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Companion To Clinical Neurology (Medicine)

Companion To Clinical Neurology (Medicine)

This book is designed for the neurologist who (in this day of unusually strict accountability) needs to have at hand an authoritative guide to the diagnostic criteria for all the conditions he or she may meet within clinical practice. While originally conceived as a compendium of diagnostic criteria, the author felt the need to expand the work to include definitions of practically all the terms that are used in neurology today. Some elements of history are also provided. The result effectively represents the tools of the trade for the neurologist in training and a source of information for the practicing neurologist that is both precise and concise. The first edition was published in 1995. Since then, advances in the definition of many neurological conditions have been made, all of which have been incorporated in the second edition. These include criteria for the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, dementia of Lewy-body type, frontal lobe dementias, chronic fatigue syndrome, and inflammatory neuropathies. There has also been fine-tuning of the definitions and diagnostic criteria for many other conditions. In the second edition further precision in definition has been achieved for the entries on at least 1,500 other disease states, syndromes, and clinical features. The clinical delineation for new syndromes and their genetic bases and of clinical subtypes of known disorders has also progressed. Entries on cerebellar diseases, peripheral neuropathies, various dementias, diagnostic tests (both clinical and laboratory), forms of cerebral edema, dissociative signs and syndromes - all these and many more have been added, expanded, updated or clarified in the light of new publications. Numerous web-site addresses also have been included in the new edition, as have portraits of 77 distinguished neurologists. The second edition remains an invaluable guide by a single author to the whole menu of neurological practice.Review"It is rare to find a reference book that you would use every day; it is more rare to find a reference book that you have a hard time putting down. [This] is just such a book." --Neurology"...a wonderful source of information that is presented in an easy, graceful manner. This will make the book appealing to both clinicians and scientists, to neurologists and non-neurologists, to professionals and the general public. Indeed, the book is not only informative but great fun to read, and will be a source of much enjoyment. This is a true work of scholarship with an individuality and richness of its own. The entries are written with charm, elegance, authority, and, at times, a certain irony that ensures that the entries are entertaining as well as informative. This is a book to which one will turn again and again, either for information or simply to wile away the hours on a rainy afternoon, reading about enchanting syndromes or some new twist or previously overlooked fact concerning a more mundane topic. This book will indeed live up to its name, and as a 'companion' it will delight all who choose to dip into it."--Muscle and Nerve"...will continue to be of enormous value for many years to come...not only easy to use, but a real pleasure to consult. In fact, I find browsing in it most enjoyable and rewarding. It is a completely unique, up-to-date, unequalled resource for both the academic and practicing neurologist. It will soon prove to be the most frequently consulted volume in the office, home, or professional library. It is also a real bargain...Professor Pryse-Phillips is to be congratulated for once again having produced this extraordinary piece of work which actually outshines its first edition. I suggest it might appropriately be referred to asEncyclopedia Neurologica.--Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery"Prof. Pryse-Phillips has done a brilliant job which probably exceeds the sources and limits of a single scientist. We look forward to an updated version of this unique compact r

Specification of Companion To Clinical Neurology (Medicine)

AuthorPryse-Phillips, William
PublisherOxford University Press
Publication Year2003-03-13

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