Dinosaurus: The Complete Guide To Dinosaurs

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Dinosaurus: The Complete Guide to Dinosaurs

Dinosaurus: The Complete Guide to Dinosaurs

From BooklistParker's Dinosaurus is magnificent in its breadth and illustration. Arrangement is by group, and 500 dinosaurs are described. Each entry includes an illustration and brief information about the dinosaur's discovery and characteristics. Each entry also includes a "Dino Factfile" containing data on scientific name with pronunciation and meaning, location, size, diet, and time period. The luscious illustrations include photographs of fossils and of living animals related to the dinosaur or artistic renderings. The volume concludes with chapters on nondinosaur creatures of the dinosaur age and evolution since then. The end matter contains maps of main fossil sites, a list of museums, and a glossary. The text is better suited to older readers; younger children will be fascinated by the pictures. Compares favorably to Scholastic Dinosaurs A to Z [RBB D 15 03] and The Dinosaur Atlas [RBB Mr 1 04]. All three books describe the work of paleontologists and the excitement of discovery. Depending on the popularity of the subject in a particular community, all three should be purchased. RBBCopyright ? American Library Association. All rights reservedAn encyclopedic and vividly illustrated reference.Gone but never forgotten -- no other life form has captured our imagination and attention like dinosaurs. Dinosaurus is organized into the major dinosaur families and identifies 500 species -- creature by creature, from the voracious flesh-eaters to the egg-stealers to the vegetarians. What they looked like. What they ate. How they fought, lived, and died. A dramatic full-color illustration of each dinosaur is accompanied by a concise explanation of their traits and habits.At-a-glance Fact Files describe: Latin name, translation, and pronunciation Adult length, weight and height Diet and habitat Global distributionDinosaurus challenges and discredits popular myths and long-standing legends. For example: the dinosaur known as Brontosaurus never even existed in the first place. Was Tyrannosaurus really the biggest meat-eater of all time? Were flying dinosaurs simply feeble gliders? Could sea dinosaurs out-swim today's fastest fish?Brimming with the latest research, from contemporary digs in North America, Mongolia, Europe and China, Dinosaurus is comprehensive, innovative, and as compelling and exciting as the dinosaurs themselves.ReviewIf you're serious about dinos, this is the book for you... the paintings of the creatures in motion are riveting (and sometimes a little scary). (Mary Ann Grossmann St Paul Pioneer Press 2003-11-23)Attractive drawings, well-designed graphic snapshots and accessible language. (Mary Ann Gwinn Seattle Times 2003-12-10)The subtitle -- The Complete Guide to Dinosaurs -- is no lie... information and illustrations and reconstructions of everything. (Tom Oleson Winnipeg Free Press 2003-12-07)Comprehensive, well-organized and cleverly illustrated... lively account of the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth. (Keith Runyon Louisville Courier-Journal 2003-12-14)Nice little factoids make this a winner... A great timeline from 540 million years ago to the present is fun. (Princeton Times of Trenton 2003-12-07)Lavishly illustrated, this hefty book proves again why dinosaurs are so enduringly fascinating to so many. (Marc Horton Edmonton Journal 2003-12-21)Informative and fun. (Bruce Dancis Sacramento Bee 2003-11-30)Not only lists and illustrates 700 known dinosaur species, but also puts dinosaurs into context. (Kim Covert Canadian Press 2003-12-03)Magnificent in its breadth and illustration. Arrangement is by group, and 500 dinosaurs are described. (Booklist / RBB 2004-03-01)More in-depth information than average dinosaurs texts... Outstanding... a must-have source for libraries where dinosaur study is an annual research unit. (Rollie Welch VOYA)Large, vivid illustrations grace every page and accompany data indicating how dinosaurs lived, what they ate, how big t

Specification of Dinosaurus: The Complete Guide to Dinosaurs

AuthorParker, Steve
PublisherFirefly Books
Publication Year12-10-2003

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