Down Girl: The Logic Of Misogyny

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Down Girl: The Logic Of Misogyny

Down Girl: The Logic Of Misogyny

Misogyny is a hot topic, yet it's often misunderstood. What is misogyny, exactly? Who deserves to be called a misogynist? How does misogyny contrast with sexism, and why is it prone to persist or increase even when sexist gender roles are waning? This book is an exploration of misogyny in public life and politics by the moral philosopher and writer Kate Manne. It argues that misogyny should not be understood primarily in terms of the hatred or hostility some men feel toward all or most women. Rather, it's primarily about controlling, policing, punishing, and exiling the "bad" women who challenge male dominance. And it's compatible with rewarding "the good ones," and singling out other women to serve as warnings to those who are out of order. It's also common for women to serve as scapegoats, be burned as witches, and treated as pariahs.Manne examines recent and current events such as the Isla Vista killings by Elliot Rodger, the case of the convicted serial rapist Daniel Holtzclaw, who preyed on African American women as a police officer in Oklahoma City, Rush Limbaugh's diatribe against Sandra Fluke, and the "misogyny speech" of Julia Gillard, then Prime Minister of Australia, which went viral on YouTube. The book shows how these events, among others, set the stage for the 2016 US presidential election. Not only was the misogyny leveled against Hillary Clinton predictable in both quantity and quality, Manne argues it was predictable that many people would be prepared to forgive and forget regarding Donald Trump's history of sexual assault and harassment. For this, Manne argues, is misogyny's oft overlooked and equally pernicious underbelly: exonerating or showing "himpathy" for the comparatively privileged men who dominate, threaten, and silence women. lReview"Manne's elucidation of misogyny's logic is interesting and illuminating ... [her] extensive use of real-world examples to illustrate and argue for her understanding of misogyny is laudable and exemplary of good philosophising." -- Mari Mikkola,Australasian Journal of Philosophy"InDown Girl, Kate Manne does a jaw-droppingly brilliant job of explaining gender and power dynamics which have always been purposefully muddied, but which shape how and to whom sympathy and presumptions of full humanity accrue. Manne's work has been invaluable to me and so many others fighting to make sense of the world and who has power within it. You will understand our current moment far better and more easily after having readDown Girl. Perceptive, bold, stylishly written and bracingly clear eyed,Down Girl is one of the best books I have ever read on gender and power; I will never stop learning from it." -- Rebecca Traister, author ofGood and Mad"Despite its somber topic, Kate Manne'sDown Girl made me very happy, exhilarated indeed by its insight, analytical clarity, and committed engagement with a major issue of justice. I've been thinking and teaching about sexism and misogyny for a long time, but this book opened up fresh perspectives, for example in its convincing distinction between sexism as a set of beliefs and misogyny as an enforcement strategy. Each thoughtful person will have her own sense of where to locate the root of injustice to women, but Manne's cogent argument that misogyny is primarily about the demand that women give support, service, and care is surely at least one big part of the story of our turbulent times." -- Martha C. Nussbaum, School of Law and Department of Philosophy, University of Chicago"Persuasively defining 'misogyny' as hostile, demeaning, shaming, and punitive treatment of women,Down Girl brings out the misogynist logic of contemporary culture with wit and urgency. In this book 'misogyny' emerges as the law enforcement branch of patriarchy, and thus as a concept that fully deserves a place alongside 'patriarchy' and 'sexism' as a fundamental tool for feminist analysis. Combining conceptual clarity with passionate

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