Hail Caesar

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Hail Caesar

Hail Caesar

Product Description Caesar thinks he cant be touched by anything or anyone. Boys idolize him. Girls lust after him. And he has power over them, because he doesnt care about any of them . . . until the new girl comes along, and turns Caesars world upside down. A funny, honest, in-your-face portrait of a guy who has to learn to stop being a legend in his own mind. From School Library Journal Grade 10 UpJohn Miller, aka Caesar, seems to have it all. He is the star senior basketball player who has money, looks, and an amazing way with the ladies. He coasts through the school day, enjoys basketball practice, but lives for the nights, when he hooks up with his female friends and parties. All this changes when Eva moves to town. Unlike the other girls, she is not swept away by his dazzling smile. She even questions his name while laughing, Are you some kind of salad? Of course he cant stop thinking about her. When he retreats to his hideout by the lake, he meets Eva there. They begin to talk, and for the first time Caesar lets his guard down and truly begins to express himself. He discovers that he cares for someone other than himself and enjoys just being with her. She makes him think about his life, his relationships, his beliefs, and his goals and dreams. Suddenly he recognizes that he has no plans once he graduates, and that for all his popularity he is truly alone. The ending seems a bit rushed, and readers can only assume that John will change because of his relationship with Eva and (less realistically) a conversation with his 13-year-old sister. The novel has strong, explicit language and constant sexual references. The first-time author holds nothing back and tells it like it is. She confronts issues like drinking, sex, betrayal, friendship, and love, causing readers to think about themselves and the type of person they want to become. Donna Rosenblum, Nassau Boces School Library System, NY Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. From Booklist Senior John Miller is known as Caesar, and indeed, he rules his suburban high school. Basketball champ and ladies man, Caesar gets any girl he wants and uses his considerable charm and influence to take advantage of many. Enter a new girl, Eva, who is not the least bit impressed by Caesar. Naturally, he becomes obsessed with trying to gain her interest. First-time author Ha, who started this novel at age 15, is now a freshman at Princeton. She captures the rhythm and cadence of teens speech and interior monologues, both of which include profanity. Though Caesar is a bona fide jerk, he is not without redeeming qualities, particularly evident in his concern for his 13-year-old sister, who is starting to engage in risky behavior. Eva is biracial (Eurasian), but, refreshingly, Ha does not make this a major point in Caesars attraction to her. Equally refreshing is the ending, which is not tidily resolved or predictable. Ha creates characters who dare to ponder big questions, even if they have no clue as to the answers. Debbie Carton Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved

Specification of Hail Caesar

AuthorHa, Thu Huong
Publication Year20070201

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