Farewell To Russia

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Farewell to Russia

Jim Williams is the given name of the British lawyer, commercial consultant and writer, who has also written under the pen names Richard Hugo. Williams came to public attention when his first novel, The Hitler Diaries, was published nine months before the famous Hitler Diaries forgery scandal, and he seemed again prophetic when Farewell to Russia, a novel about a nuclear accident in the USSR, was completed four months before the Chernobyl Disaster. terrifying nuclear accident has occured at Reprocessing Plant #7 in Sokolskoye, Russia. Potentially ten thousand times more devastating than the Chernobyl meltdown. The KGB has been ordered to keep the incident a secret at all costs. While in America, the only technology capable of saving sixty million Russian lives has been classified by the US government - with its export to the Soviet Union declared an unforgivable act of treason...

Specifications of Farewell to Russia

AuthorRichard Hugo
EditionFirst Edition
PublisherCollier-Macmillan Canada Ltd
Number Of Pages360
Publication Date1987-04
Height8.66 inch.
Length5.51 inch.
Width1.38 inch.
Weight1.19 pounds.

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