FutureScience: Forbidden Science Of The 21st-century

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FutureScience: Forbidden Science of the 21st-century

FUTURESCIENCE--forbidden science of the 21st-century You can be forgiven for believing that Isaac Newton discovered the force that makes apples fall to the ground, but he did not. He simply gave the force (F) a name (Gravity) and noted that the strength of the force, whatever it might be, depends upon the size of the apple (which he referred to as mass 1, m1) and the size of the Earth (Mass 2, M2). He also figured-out that the strength of the force on the apple depends on how far away the apple is from the Earth to begin with and noted, like Galileo before him, that as an apple falls it speeds-up and travels faster and faster until it hits the ground. At first, Newton set-down the relationship between the force and the masses in a shorthand way (a formula) saying that F (the strength of the force) could be found by multiplying m1 by M2 and then by dividing the result by the distance (between them) squared (d²). There was just one problem; every time he did the calculation he finished up with the wrong answer. He eventually discovered that the only way to get the right answer was to multiply the wrong answer by `667 billionths'. He did not know where this tiny amount of force came from but, just like he had done with Gravity, he gave the mysterious number a name--the Gravitational Constant, `G'; making his final formula for the force, F = G x m1 x M2/d². It is hard to believe that since then, for more than 350 years, still no-one understands what gravity is or what causes it or why we have to multiply the wrong answer by G to get the right one. And to this day no-one understands what G is or even where it comes from. That's how sophisticated we are. No-one understands why objects fall to the ground. The second most-embarrassing problem for modern Science is that no-one understands why the positive charges inside the middle of atoms simply do not just spring apart (see the illustration), which is what you would expect given that positive repels positive. To overcome the contradiction physicists decided that the positive charges must in some way be glued-together and so for the past 75 years have been searching for the glue or, more precisely, more than 300 types of glue--but have yet to find any. And no-one understands (given that positive attracts negative) why the orbiting negative electrons inside atoms do not simply get sucked into the positive bits in the middle of the atom. They just `cannot understand it'. When you place a magnet on the refrigerator-door you probably imagine that scientists understand how a magnet actually works, but they do not; as far as they are concerned it seems to work by magic so they gave it the name magnet. Switch on the light and you no doubt take-it-for-granted that the people who supply the electricity understand how it works, but they do not; physicists are pretty-sure that an electrical current is in fact simply the movement of atomic negative charges along a wire. The problem is that no-one understands why, whenever a current flows, a magnetic field appears around the wire. When they look skywards, at night, astro-physicists cannot understand what makes the stars cluster together into galaxies, because their calculations contradict what their eyes can see. To overcome this they say that there must be other sources of gravity out there, like planets and dust, that cannot be seen, because it is dark. So they named their fantasy planets `dark matter', at least for the time-being; until they can figure-out why their calculations do not make sense. And they cannot understand why stars spiral into galaxies, but cling to the hope that when (or if) they ever understand how gravity actually works that the reason for the double-spiral of galaxy formation will become clear. FUTURESCIENCE explains, in a simple way, how Electricity and Magnetism work at atomic level and how they work together to produce the force of Gravity and in so doing reveals the underlying science behind Newton's equation that he tried in vain to uncover--the reason why Gravity is proportional to the masses of two attracting objects, why it grows weaker in proportion to the square of the distance between them and the nature of the mysterious `Gravitational Constant' that continues to perplex researchers to this day. It explains why all objects accelerate to Earth at 32 feet per second, every second. It explains why the atom is comprised of 8 orbital shells and why the shells fill with electrons the way that they do.

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