Gateway To The Heavens: How Simple Shapes Mould Reality And The Fabric Of Your Being (Gateway Series)

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Gateway to the Heavens: How Simple Shapes Mould Reality and the Fabric of Your Being (Gateway Series)

Geometry orders the Universe...why? As a reason for some purpose for life, humans have searched throughout history for order and patterns in the seeming random nature of our surroundings. Our ancestors learned to unravel the importance of simple geometric shapes in this quest for knowledge that is still largely shrouded in mystery. In Gateway to the Heavens you will discover the purpose and meaning of simple geometric shapes and how they mould your reality and your perception of it. Learn how they have a direct bearing on who you are and why you are here. Then find out how this knowledge can be achieved through the expansion of your conscious awareness and how this expansion is made possible through the use of a universal model based on sacred geometry called the 'Gateway to the Heavens'. Gateway to the Heavens provides an insightful look at a wide range of diverse topics. Ideas are compared and clarified in an easily understood way using over 700 illustrations, pictures and drawings, and numerous quotes.

Specifications of Gateway to the Heavens: How Simple Shapes Mould Reality and the Fabric of Your Being (Gateway Series)

AuthorK L French
Publisherygb Publishing
Number Of Pages224
Publication Date2008-01-01
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Length7.25 inch.
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