Handbook Of Medical Psychiatry, 2e

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Handbook of Medical Psychiatry, 2e

The HANDBOOK is a comprehensive text covering nearly every psychiatric, neurologic, and general medical condition capable of affecting mental status. It is divided into 30 sections patterned after topic headings in the DSM-IV. Within each section is a series of chapters that briefly describe an overview, time of onset, clinical features, course, complications, etiology, differential diagnosis, and treatment of a given disorder. A short list of references follows every chapter, and many chapters include radiographs that show characteristics of the disease process. The final section covers psychopharmacology, emphasizing medical features such as pharmacokinetics, side effects, drug-drug interactions, and complications of overdose.

New topics/chapters include:Fetal Alcohol SyndromeEncopresisSchizophreniform DisorderBrief Psychotic DisorderJactatio Nocturna CapitisSchizoid Personality DisorderAvoidant Personality DisorderSupersensitivity PsychosisRabbit SyndromeAmnesiaCatatoniaAlien Hand SyndromeEnvironmental Dependency SyndromePostictal PsychosisPsychosis of Forced NormalizationInterictal PsychosisInterictal Personality SyndromeFronto-temporal DementiaCortico-Basal Ganglionic DegenerationMultiple System AtrophyNeurocanthocytosisDentatorubropallidoluysian AtrophyHashimoto's encephalopathyNew-Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob DiseaseGertsmann-Straussler-Scheinker DiseaseFahr's Syndrome

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