Small Animal Internal Medicine, Third Edition

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Small Animal Internal Medicine, Third Edition

This outstanding reference focuses on the clinically relevant aspects of the most commonly encountered internal medical problems in dogs and cats. Now in its 3rd edition, Small Animal Internal Medicine has been hailed for its emphasis on diagnostic approaches to clinical signs, diagnostics techniques, general therapeutics, and synopses of important disorders. It teaches readers how to think critically and develop decision-making skills. The first sections cover specific disorders by body system, while the final sections pertain to oncology, hematology and immunology, and infectious diseases. Each section has been developed by one author for a consistent approach, beginning with discussions of clinical signs and leading into diagnostic techniques and appropriate treatment. Extensive color illustrations, tables, and algorithms set this book apart.Each section begins with discussion of clinical signs to encourage assessment and diagnostic skills; this problem-oriented approach simulates what veterinarians encounter in practiceComprehensive drug tables at end of each section provide recommended dosages and indications for a variety of agents.Algorithms promote decision-making skills based on clinical findingsClear, step-by-step procedures are highlighted in text All contributors are recognized experts in their respective internal medicine specialties.Cross-referencing reduces redundancy throughout the book and makes information easy to locate.Summary boxes and tables, color-coded to indicate the type of information they contain, provide quick access to signs, etiology, differential diagnosis, and treatment.Full-color format enhances visual appeal and highlight key information in tables and boxes.Pediatric and geriatric content is consistently integrated where appropriate.Integration of toxicology links exposure to noxious products with a variety of systems disorders.All contributors are recognized experts in their respective medical specialties.Suggested Readings have been updated throughout the book to reflect the latest research findings.Cardiovascular:Ambulatory ECG section has been expanded to include discussions of how a Holter monitor records signals, how to interpret Holter monitor readings, normal heart rhythms and arrhythmias, and new event recording.New section on other methods of ECG assessment has been added to the electrocardiography discussion, including information on heart rate variability (HRV) and signal averaged electrocardiography (SAECG).Section on common 2-D echocardiographic views has been updated and expanded, and the serologic tests section has been expanded to include a discussion of heartworm antibody tests for cats.Congestive Heart Failure chapter has been entirely reworked and expanded.New sections have been added on biochemical markers of myocardial injury, arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy, cor triatriatu, and endocardial fibroelastosis.Respiratory:Nasal mites section has been divided and expanded into separate coverage of nasal mites and nasal capillariasis.New sections include neoplastic effusion in disorders of the pleural cavity, computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, thoracoscopy and thoracotomy, large airway disease, and pleural space disease.Digestive:New discussions include indications for ultrasonography of the stomach and small intestines, intestinal permeability testing, partially hydrolyzed diets and elemental diets, low-profile gastrostomy tubes and jejunostomy tubes, and trichomoniasis.A brief discussion of budesonide and its use in treating problems similar to inflammatory bowel disease and hepatic disease in dogs and cats.A new table provides examples of commercial bland diets - easily digestible diets that contain less fat than is found in many pet foods.A new section addresses sialoadenitis/sialoadenosis/salivary gland necrosis.Urinary Tract:Discussions have been added on plasma clearance of iohexol to reliably estimate glomerular filtration rate (GFR) in dogs and cats, the recent commercial availability of an antigen capture ELISA test for the detection of low levels of albumin in canine urine (microalbuminuria), angiotensin's involvement in the pathogenesis of glomerulonephritis, and feline diets that increase the risk of calcium oxolate urolith development, as well as diets that decrease the risk of struvite urolith development.A new section covers functional urethral obstruction.Endocrine:New sections cover primary (psychogenic) polydipsia and incidental adrenal mass.Diabetes mellitus section has been divided into separate coverage of the disease in dogs and in cats.Neuromuscular:Section on gait has been expanded to discuss animals with lower motor neuron disease and animals with upper motor neuron lesions.Discussion of Schiff-Sherrington posture has been expanded.

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