The Odyssey (Perennial Classics)

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The Odyssey (Perennial Classics)

"Tell me, muse, of theman of many ways, who was driven far journeys, after he had sacked troy'ssacred citadel." The Odyssey stands alone among the achievements ofWestern civilization as possibly the first, the most influential, and perhapsthe greatest work of literature ever recorded.

Conceived as an oral epic by the blind poet, Homer, in the 8th century B.C.E.,The Odyssey is the tale of one man's incredible courage, strength, andperseveranceagainst all odds. Returning victorious from the decade-long Trojan War,the heroic Odysseus must overcome angry gods, the dangers of wild andinhospitablelands, and his own stubborn pride if he is ever to see his wife and sonagain.

Rich in detail and filled with humor, symbolism, and timeless reflectionson the human condition, The Odyssey is poetry that demands to be read aloudand cherished forever.

Contents:Book IX: The sacking of the Kikonians, The Lotus Eaters, TheCyclops and Polyphemos, The escape of Polyphemos
Book X: Aiolos and the bag of winds, Circe's island
Book XI: The land of the dead
Book XII: Skylla and Charybdis, The Sirens, the slaughteringof the cattle of Helios, Odysseus' escape to Kalypso's island
Selections from Books IX, X, XI, and XII
Anthony Quayle was one of Britain's most gifted and versatile actors.

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