The Parent's Toolshop: The Universal Blueprint For Building A Healthy Family

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The Parent's Toolshop: The Universal Blueprint for Building a Healthy Family

EVER WISH CHILDREN CAME WITH INSTRUCTIONS? NOW THEY DO!This winner of "The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval" is teeming with the best of the best--more than 100 highly practical parenting skills in an easy-to-use format. THIS ONE-STOP RESOURCE SAVES YOU TIME, MONEY AND FRUSTRATIONNo longer do you need to spend hours reading dozens of resources to find the skills and solutions you seek. This author has done the research for you! She spent over ten years researching hundreds of resources to put the best parenting advice at your fingertips. There are new ideas you've never heard and techniques that have worked for generations. Gone is the inaccurate, unhelpful, confusing and contradictory advice that detours your progress. Seven years of field testing by thousands of parents from all walks of life and family-service professionals resulted in statistically significant improvements in parenting skills. From toddlers to teens and beyond--these are solutions that work, every day, at home, at day care and in the classroom--and they will work for you, too! PARENTAL LOVE MAY COME NATURALLY,
BUT EFFECTIVE PARENTING SKILLS ARE LEARNED."The Parent's Toolshop" is like a self-paced workshop, taught by a parenting expert, in the comfort of your own home. Step by step, you'll learn how to build a healthy family by using the special language and action toolsets of effective parenting: ~Learn what styles of parenting you have, what it reveals about your personality--and the problems you can avoid by adopting a "balanced" approach. ~Build self-esteem without ego-esteem or creating "praise junkies." ~Get your children to cooperate--the first time you ask--using simple positive requests. ~Teach your children how to be independent AND responsible. ~Open the lines of communication and teach children how to solve their OWN problems by learning "F-A-X Listening." ~Avoid lectures and children with rolling eyes or deaf ears by setting limits or expressing concerns in one sentence, one word or no words! ~Develop individualized anger and stress management plans for you AND each child. ~Learn what is age-appropriate behavior and how to keep it from turning into intentional misbehavior. ~Understand the purpose behind deliberate misbehavior and how to break the cycles of attention-seeking behavior, power struggles and revenge. ~Use discipline to teach children how to be self-disciplined-without being "the bad guy"! ~Hold productive family meetings that teach children valuable life skills while preventing and resolving everyday conflicts. ~Boost your confidence as a parent, without feeling you need to bend and sway to the pressures of well-meaning but unhelpful advice-givers. NOWHERE ELSE WILL YOU LEARN THE UNIQUE "UNIVERSAL BLUEPRINT" PROBLEM-SOLVING SYSTEM. You'll learn how to ask yourself three simple find your OWN ideal solution to ANY parenting challenge, including: sibling squabbles, allowances, morning delays, homework, picky eaters, power struggles, messy rooms, dating, temper tantrums, bullies, chores, driving, bedtime hassles, lying, sassy smart-mouthed kids, curfew, friendship fallouts, A.D.H.D. ...and more! COMPREHENSIVE YET EASY TO READ, "THE PARENT'S TOOLSHOP" ENLIGHTENS, INFORMS AND ENTERTAINS You'll feel like the author is sitting next to you on your couch, explaining even complicated concepts in simple terms. When you need to SEE an idea, look at the simple visual graphics that crystalize concepts in your mind. Hear real-life stories from the author and other parents' lives that will make you laugh, cry . . . and think. You'll learn exactly what to say and do as the author applies the skills to the most common challenges parents face. You'll even get a chance to practice what you've learned so you remember and use it to your full potential. Once you finish reading The Parent's Toolshop, you'll find yourself referring to it again and again for quick problem solving. If you have a specific challenge, refer to the cross-referenced index of over 1,000 entries to find the hints and suggestions you need for a speedy and effective solution. When a crisis hits, simply open the back cover, where you'll find key tools from the entire book summarized ON ONE PAGE. ANY PARENT OR FAMILY-SERVICE PROFESSIONAL WILL BENEFIT FROM THE PRACTICAL SKILLS AND PROFOUND REVELATIONS IN THE PARENT'S TOOLSHOP.

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