Windows Graphics Programming: Win32 GDI And DirectDraw (Hewlett-Packard Professional Books)

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Windows Graphics Programming: Win32 GDI and DirectDraw (Hewlett-Packard Professional Books)

To deliver high-performance Windows applications, developers need an in-depth understanding of the Win32 GDI and DirectDraw -- but until now, it's been virtually impossible to discover what's going on "behind" Microsoft's API calls. This book rips away the veil, giving experienced Windows programmers the information and techniques they need to maximize performance, efficiency, and reliability -- and to make the best use of Windows graphics APIs and the important new graphics features provided in Windows 2000. Readers will gain a clear, concrete understanding of how GDI and DirectDraw are implemented internally; their limitations, resource requirements, and performance impact; and keys to implementing features and troubleshooting problems. This book is filled with high quality, original, system-level tools, kernal mode drivers, sample programs, and generic C++ classes for Windows programming without MFC. Readers can find out how to build API spys and hooks, detect GDI resource leaks, build image processing software, and more. Part 1 goes behind the scenes to uncover the Windows system architecture and graphics system internal data structure, and provides techniques for spying on the components of the graphics system. Part 2 provides detailed coverage of the Win32 GDI and Direct Draw API, based on the solid foundation built in Part 1. It covers device context, coordinate space and transformation, pixels, lines, and curves, area fills, various types of bitmaps, image processing, fonts, text, enhanced metafiles, and printing.

Specifications of Windows Graphics Programming: Win32 GDI and DirectDraw (Hewlett-Packard Professional Books)

AuthorFeng Yuan
PublisherPrentice Hall PTR
Number Of Pages1280
Publication Date2000-12-22
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