Privacy Policy

This As a service provider, Ergodebooks values your privacy. Once you have stopped by for shopping online, we suppose that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy. In case you don’t agree to the terms, then you shouldn’t submit any sort of information or choose to use this site. Terms of Use governs the privacy policy that’s posted online. Ergodebooks reserves the right to update the policy at any point of its operations. Once updated online, we suggest you go through the terms and abide by what has been posted online.

Personal Information Collection

Ergodebooks all by itself or through unauthorized third parties/agents, may go about collecting as well as use personal information. Personally, identifiable information includes.

Your telephone number, shipping address and email.

Any other piece of information that you might enter through the system while registering as a user. Information pertaining to online transactions including debit/credit card and the data required to fulfill an order. Information provided for subscribing to communications; as well as purchase interest. Anything else while you are posting feedback on our services or comments about our products.

The online portal collects information that the web browser sends whenever you stop by the site. This is nothing but ‘Log files’ or ‘Log Data’. Such type of information includes internet protocol address, browser information, essential specifications of the operating system, the date on which you had gone through the site, and statistical information.

Additionally, it uses third-party technologies for efficient online transactions, marketing activities, and analytics. This occurs with regards to the purchase behavior and interests. It also includes which section has been clicked from your end and whether or not you have abandoned/made an online purchase. With the help of Google AdWords, Ergodebooks renders remarketing service to post ads on third party websites. This denotes that we may advertise to previous visitors who may or may not have completed everything for online transaction. It could either be in the form of Google search results page or any other site on the web.

All about Cookies, Beacons, and opting-out

Cookies and similar technologies are used by the online portal. The sole purpose is to keep a track of log data and log files. Cookies refer to the small files that get transferred on the system hard drive. This enables the sites to identify which browser is used and remember a certain type of information. It also aids to improve access to the site along with visitors who might come back for shopping.

Ergodebooks uses two types of cookies. These are session-based and persistent cookies. While session cookies stay on the system only when a user is navigating through the browser, persistent cookies last even after the session expires and till you delete them manually. Many a times, Ergodebooks relies on thirds parties and keeps a close watch on technologies. Such type of cookies are used for doing many things so that your experience is considerably enhanced. This includes:

Recalling and processing the items in the shopping cart. Comprehend and store preferences for visits in future. To make sure that you don’t need to login every time. This is done through identification tracking. Collate statistics and keep a tab on web traffic activity. Track interests to boost web experience including searches and web traffic with respect to the website activity. Enables social media integration. Offer various services pertaining to the domain.

At any point of time, you opt-out third-party cookies from Google Analytics. If you do so, you would have to do it for every type of browser and the devices you generally use. Do feel free to contact us, if you desire to opt-out of receiving emails or newsletters.

Privacy for children

Ergodebooks is not built with the intention for the usage of children who are aged below 18 years. We do not collect data unknowingly from toddlers / children. We encourage parents to spend time with them if they are browsing through the site. In case a parent / guardian becomes aware that the child has submitted information, then they should contact the customer support / service team promptly. As required by law, Ergodebooks would delete such data within a certain time span.

How is the personal information used?

Personal information can be used by our personnel for the following purposes

To administer the site.

Personalize the experience with the portal. Make it possible for accessing the site and its services. Process online payments and meet the purchase requests. Mail you order specifications and the gross amount that needs to be paid.

When your details are transmitted to agents or subcontractors, then they would use such type of information in accordance with the terms specified in the privacy policy. Additionally, the information may or may not get disclosed as required by law.

Data Security

Technical and organizational measures are taken by Ergodebooks to prevent misuse or loss of personally identifiable information. All the information provided from your end would be stored on our secure servers. While secure practices are employed as well as followed, we don’t guarantee for 100% security. It’s imperative that you shouldn’t disclose the password of the online account. Any updates made in the personal information, should be transpired on an immediate basis.

Our online portal may contain some links which aren’t owned by Ergodebooks. So, once you click on such type of links, you would have to abide by the terms of the private policy. This includes popularly used social networking sites which are not associated with our services.

Surveys & Promotions

Time to time, Ergodebooks might request you for information that’s need for surveys or promotions. Your involvement in such surveys is voluntary and at your discretion. For survey / promotion management, Ergodebooks may request you to send contact information along with demographic information. This would be used according to the terms stated in the Privacy Policy and any rules which are included with the survey.


For any type of sales transaction, we may collect information related to your credit / debit card along with shipping information as well as checking account information. Once you have made an online purchase, we collect data related to every transaction, including the products which you have or have not purchased, your mode of payment, and any promotional data pertaining to the transaction. The sole purpose is to target the audience in a better way and promote products effectively.

During any instance, if you don’t prefer to receive our emails, newsletters or wish to deal with the portal, then feel free to use the ‘unsubscribe’ option.