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Mousekin's Easter Basket      (Paperback)
After a harsh winter, Mousekin's springtime search for food brings him in contact with brightly colo..
Aunt Lulu      (Paperback)
Tired of working as a librarian in Alaska, Aunt Lulu takes her sled and her fourteen Huskies and mov..
The Witch Has an Itch      (Paperback)
Every time Gromelda the witch tries to work her evil magic, she gets an itch Features : Great produc..
Inevitable Papers (A Star & elephant book)
Explores the creative and visual potential of the art of collage in a series of evocative images Pro..
The Macmillan Book of 366 Bible Stories (English and Italian Edition)
Presents Bible stories for each day of the year. Product weight : 1.75 pounds..
Least of All      (Paperback)
A little girl in a big farm family teaches herself to read using the Bible and shares this knowledge..
Borgel      (Paperback)
Melvin recounts his extraordinary adventures in time and space with his 111-year-old sort of great-U..
The Boy With Square Eyes      (Paperback)
When Charlie's eyes turn square from watching television and everything else starts looking square t..
Cross-Country Crime (Hardy Boys, No. 134)      (Paperback)
Taking a skiing vacation in the Canadian Rockies, Frank and Joe find themselves investigating a loca..
The Ugly Duckling (A Pop-Up Classic Storybook)
Featuring three-dimensional artwork, movable parts, and flaps to lift, this pop-up version of Anders..
Black and Blue Magic      (Paperback)
Twelve-year-old Harry Houdini Marco is awkward and clumsy, bearing little resemblance to his magicia..
Henry, the Castaway      (Paperback)
Henry and his dog Angus set out to discover uncharted seas but become marooned on an uninhabited isl..
Sidetracked to Danger (Hardy Boys #130)      (Paperback)
Frank and Joe Hardy end up on a crazed locomotive ride when they investigate the strange disappearan..
Hardy Boys: All New Undercover Brothers 1-8: #1 Ultimate Collection with Extreme Danger/Running on Fumes/Boardwalk Best/Thrill Ride/Rocky Road/Burned/Operation: Survival/Top Ten Ways to Die
8 Hardy boys books in one beautiful ultimate collection paper case , factory shrink-wrapped. Either ..
Sloppy Kisses      (Paperback)
After her friend tells her kissing is for babies, Emmy Lou tries to make do with a pat on the should..
Animal Fact Files Insects (Internal Wire-O Bound)
Animal Fact Files Insects (Internal Wire-O Bound)Insects.Specifications of Animal Fact Files Insects..
The Night Before Christmas
This storybook interpretation of the classic poem captures the wonder and detail of St. Nick's visit..
Red Riding Hood
Retells in verse the adventures of a little girl who meets a wolf in the forest on her way to visit ..
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