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A Cure for Dreams
A story that traces the bonds between four generations of resourceful Southern women through storie..
Battles of the Revolutionary War, 1775-1781 (MAJOR BATTLES AND CAMPAIGNS)
The Americans didn't simply outlast the British, nor was the war just a glorified guerrilla action w..
Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions
In his prime, Edward Bloom was an extraordinary man. He could outrun anybody. He never missed a day ..
The Moralist of the Alphabet Streets: A Novel
The story of a young woman, Meredith Saunders, a red-haired, bossy, wise brooder and a number of oth..
Big Bad Love
Larry Brown caught the rapt attention of readers and critics with the 1988 publication of Facing the..
How Grand a Flame: A Chronicle of a Plantation Family, 1813-1947
Wake me at four o'clock. We're going to see some action. When the guns opened on Fort Sumter across ..
Deep Enough for Ivorybills
This is the account of a man's initiation into the outdoors heritage of his home territory. Jim Kilg..
Joe: A Novel
The lives of two men--Joe Ransom, a drinking, gambling, reckless fifty-year-old, and Gary Jones, a l..
The Medic: Life and Death in the Last Days of WWII
Leo Litwak was a university student when he joined the Army to fight in World War II, a na've, callo..
Facing the Music: Stories (Bright Leaf Short Fiction)
Facing the Music, Larry Brown's first book, was originally published in 1988 to wide critical acclai..
World War II in the Mediterranean, 1942-1945 (MAJOR BATTLES AND CAMPAIGNS)
Recounts events in the Mediterranean during World War II, including how the inexperienced Americans..
The Last Review
Book by Dabney, Virginius, Freeman, Douglas S. Features : Used Book in Good Condition Product dimens..
Wooden Churches: A Celebration      (Hardcover)
Though usually plain, sometimes humble, wooden churches are something special. With no fancy accout..
Very California: Travels Through the Golden State
A fisherman on the Santa Monica Pier. The vineyards of Napa Valley. Surfers in Malibu. An Indian vil..
Sabotage at Black Tom: Imperial Germany's Secret War in America, 1914-1917
Discusses the circumstances and German plotting that surrounded the sabotage explosion at the Black ..
The Earth Moved: On the Remarkable Achievements of Earthworms
In The Earth Moved, Amy Stewart takes us on a journey through the underground world and introduces u..
How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents
The Garcías—Dr. Carlos (Papi), his wife Laura (Mami), and their four daughters, Carla, Sandra, Yolan..
Father and Son
Father and Son tells the story of five days following Glen Davis’s return to the small Mississippi t..
Notorious Victoria: The Life of Victoria Woodhull, Uncensored
She was the first woman to address the U.S. Congress, the first to operate a brokerage firm on Wall..
Ribbon of Sand: The Amazing Convergence of the Ocean and the Outer Banks
Wind, currents, tides, and sand. Kingsnakes and rice rats. The disappearance of the Lost Colony, the..