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The Birth of the Messiah (Anchor Bible Reference Library)
The truth behind the Gospel accounts of the  Nativity, updated to include the latest research--a  cl..
Leviticus 23-27: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary (Anchor Bible)
Jacob Milgrom, a rabbi and Bible scholar, has devoted the bulk of his career to examining the laws o..
3: A Marginal Jew, Volume Three: Rethinking the Historical Jesus (Marginal Jew Rethinking the Historical Jesus)
The third volume of the author's monumental study of the historical Jesus goes beyond the person of ..
Numbers 21-36 : a new translation with introduction and commentary (Anchor Yale Bible)
The Book of Numbers is an account of how the Israelites wandered in the wilderness after receiving t..
Exodus 19-40: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary by William H.C. Propp (Anchor Bible)
The long-awaited conclusion of William H. C. Propp’s masterful study of Exodus, this informative, cl..
Exodus 1-18: A New Translation with Notes and Comments (Anchor Bible)
Exodus is the heart of the Hebrew Bible, the defining moment in Israel’s birth as a people, the dram..
Proverbs 1-9 (The Anchor Bible)
In Proverbs 1–9, Bible scholar Michael V. Fox translates and explains the meaning of the first nine ..
The Epistles of John (The Anchor Bible, Vol 30)
A modern translation of this New Testament book is accompanied by historical, descriptive and critic..
The Anchor Bible Dictionary, Volume 2
Six years in the making, this state-of-the-art dictionary offers the most up-to-date and comprehensi..
The Letters to the Thessalonians: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary (Anchor Bible)
In A.D. 49, Paul traveled to Thessalonica, a major city in northern Greece, to preach the gospel. A ..
1 Peter: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary (Anchor Bible)
The significance of the First Letter of Peter for the formation of Christianity stands in sharp cont..
The Pentateuch: An Introduction to the First Five Books of the Bible (Anchor Bible Reference)
The Pentateuch (its Greek name, but also known as the Torah by the Hebrews) consists of the first fi..
Zephaniah (Anchor Bible Series, Vol. 25A)
With keen insight and lucid analysis, Adele Berlin brings the dramatic words of the great prophet Za..
Psalms II, 51-100: Anchor Bible (Anchor Bible, Vol 17)
The bulk of Israel's religious poetry is preserved in the biblical book of Psalms. In this volume, t..
40: Tobit (Anchor Bible)
A modern translation of this Old Testament book is accompanied by historical, descriptive, and criti..
Romans (Anchor Bible)
As well as a translation of the text of Paul's Letter to the Romans, this volume also contains a tho..
24: Obadiah (Anchor Bible)
Provides a translation and commentary drawn from analysis of the book's grammar and philology, liter..
Deuteronomy 1-11 (Anchor Bible Series)
Deuteronomy 1-11 is here presented in a groundbreaking new translation, with a comprehensive introdu..
Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls (Anchor Bible Reference)
A leading expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls explains why they are among the most important archaeologic..
Ephesians: Translation and Commentary on Chapters 4-6 (Anchor Bible, Vol. 34A)
Anchor bible series Product dimensions : 9.48x1.4x6.44 inches Product weight : 1.5 pounds..