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Cinema Builders
Cinema Builders outlines the history of the cinema as a quintessentially modern building type, which..
Contemporary Techniques in Architecture (Architectural Design)
Contemporary Techniques in Architecture addresses the translation of techniques in design methodolog..
World Cities New York (World Cities Series)
New York is an exciting book dedicated to one of the world's most fascinating and vibrant cities. La..
Theories and Manifestoes of Contemporary Architecture
The second half of the 20th Century witnessed an outburst of theories and manifestoes that explored ..
School Builders
An exhaustive and invaluable source for the practising architect who is looking for an informative a..
The Eyes of the Skin: Architecture and the Senses
Since the book's first publication, interest in the role of the body and the senses has been emergin..
Hypersurface Architecture (Architectural Design)
Essays and works by the leaders in the field of computer-generated architectural design. This book ..
Towards Cosmopolis: Planning for Multicultural Cities
From Polis to Metropolis, men and women have continued to struggle to perfect our cities. Urban hist..
Competing Globally in Architecture Competitions
Design competitions are a core mechanism of the architectural world. They offer architects unique op..
Frank Lloyd Wright Field Guide: Upper Great Lakes; Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan
The Frank Lloyd Wright Field Guide series provides the first comprehensive visitors' guide to all of..
Hospital Builders
Designing and building hospitals is an extraordinarily complicated and expensive task, which require..
Bar Style: Hotels and Members' Clubs (Interior Angles)
Bar Style charts the glamorous design renaissance of hotel bars and members' clubs and the way their..
Architectural Principles in the Age of Humanism
Professor Wittkower's....studies of humanist architecture are masterpieces of scholarship.-Sir Kenne..
Designing for a Digital World (Architectural Design)
Digital technologies are changing the way that we live and work today. But what impact are they havi..
Hiroshi Hara: The Floating World of Architecture
Written by the famous authority on Japanese architecture this book charts the development of the des..
Pub Scene
The pub scene across the world is characterised by its casual warmth and conviviality. It has none o..
The Architecture of Empowerment: People, Shelter and Livable Cities
The Architecture of Empowerment People, Shelter and Livable Cities Edited by Ismaïil Serageldin Fore..
The Post-Modern Reader
This anthology presents the synthesising trend in all its diversity and includes key historical text..
Country Houses Today (Interior Angles)
Meeting the new opportunities for rural living demands imaginative design, and many of the world's m..
Getting to Know ArcGIS ModelBuilder
Getting to Know ArcGIS ModelBuilderGetting to Know ArcGIS ModelBuilder teaches readers how to develo..