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Into the Jaws of Doom (Give Yourself Goosebumps Special)      (Paperback)
Featuring a gamelike format, the first installment of a new Goosebumps series places readers into a ..
The Little Gymnast (An Apple Paperback)      (Paperback)
With a lot of work and determination, Anda becomes the best gymnast in her class but family money is..
Claudia and the Terrible Truth (Baby-sitters Club)      (Paperback)
Claudia and another sitter find evidence that Nate and Joey Nicholls have been verbally and physical..
Stacey and the Fashion Victim (Baby-sitters Club Mystery)      (Paperback)
Thrilled to be a teen model during Bellair's Fashion Week, Stacey becomes increasingly alarmed at a ..
Go for the Gold (Gymnasts)      (Paperback)
Over her bout with anorexia, Heidi Ferguson feels she is ready to compete again, and when she is pic..
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Apple Classics)      (Paperback)
A retelling of the tale, set in medieval Paris, of Quasimodo, the hunchbacked bellringer of Notre Da..
You Can't Scare Me! (Goosebumps Presents TV Book #14)      (Paperback)
Eddie and his friends dress up like Mud Monsters to scare Courtney, who claims she is not afraid of ..
The Pitcher Who Went Out of His Mind (Tales from the Sandlot)      (Paperback)
In the town of Sedona, Arizona, where a strange energy vortex causes all sorts of weird events, Rob,..
The Power Twins      (Paperback)
Uncle Grigorian, who turns out to be an alien, takes the Price twins and their cousin Tubs to the ca..
Mountain Dog Rescue: A Story of a Bernese Mountain Dog (Dog Tales, No. 3)      (Paperback)
When Jon's older brother, Eric, a champion skiier, is injured in a skiing accident, Jon and his Bern..
The Captive (Apple Paperbacks)      (Paperback)
Celebrating a special event for his people, Kofi, the prince of a West African village, is horrified..
Dawn and the Surfer Ghost (Baby-sitters Club Mystery)      (Paperback)
Back in California for the surfing competition, Dawn must soon solve a mystery involving a missing s..
Abby in Wonderland (Baby-Sitters Club, 121)      (Paperback)
Spending a week with her grandparents at their summer home, Abby learns many pleasing things about h..
The Stolen Train      (Paperback)
Chosen to go on a assignment to penetrate the Confederacy during the Civil War, Johnnie, a young Uni..
Goosebumps Postcard Book II      (Paperback)
A new assortment of thirty scary postcards from the best-selling series features full-color cover ar..
Brain Stealers (Visitors, Book 3)      (Paperback)
In a finale to the supernatural trilogy, Nick, Jessie, and Frasier learn that the alien invaders who..
Strange Invaders (Visitors, Book I)      (Paperback)
Seeing a strange glow hovering over Harley Hills, Nick and his twin sister Jessie are shocked when t..
The Christmas Tree That Ate My Mother      (Paperback)
Looked on by her parents as a bit of a flake, Elizabeth has a devil of a time convincing her folks t..
Sleepers, Wake (An Apple Paperback)      (Paperback)
Follows the adventures of a ten-year-old boy who, after awakening from a hibernation state, discover..
Escape from the Carnival of Horrors (Give Yourself Goosebumps)      (Paperback)
Visiting the fairgrounds site where an annual carnival is being set up, you and your friends are inv..