Into The Fire (Vatta'S Peace)

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Into The Fire (Vatta'S Peace)

Into The Fire (Vatta'S Peace)

In this new military sci-fi thriller from the Nebula Award-winning author of Cold Welcome, Admiral Kylara Vatta is back-with a vengeance. Ky beats sabotage, betrayal, and the unforgiving elements to lead a ragtag group of crash survivors to safety on a remote arctic island. And she cheats death after uncovering secrets someone is hell-bent on protecting. But the worst is far from over when Ky discovers the headquarters of a vast conspiracy against her family and the heart of the planet?s government itself. With their base of operations breached, the plotters have no choice but to gamble everything on an audacious throw of the dice. Even so, the odds are stacked against Ky. When her official report on the crash and its aftermath goes missing-along with the men and women she rescued-Ky realizes that her mysterious enemies are more powerful and dangerous than she imagined.?Now, targeted by faceless assassins, Ky and her family-along with her fianc? Rafe-must battle to reclaim the upper hand and unmask the lethal cabal closing in on them with murderous intent.Praise for Into the Fire ?[Elizabeth] Moon?s powerful female characters send the unmistakable message that whatever men try to do, these women can do much, much better.?-Publishers Weekly ?Intrigue and great action scenes, along with punchy dialogue.?-SFRevuReview?[Elizabeth] Moon?s powerful female characters send the unmistakable message that whatever men try to do, these women can do much, much better.?-Publishers Weekly?Intrigue and great action scenes, along with punchy dialogue.?-SFRevuPraise for Elizabeth Moon?s Cold Welcome ?A gripping page-turner with enough twists and turns to satisfy even the most hardened sf reader.?-Booklist ?Like much of Elizabeth Moon?s fiction, the characters shine.?-SSFWorld ?Abounding with a new set of piratical baddies, ramped-up military slang, assorted betrayals, and echoes of Shackleton?s incredible cold-weather trek.?-Publishers Weekly ?An exciting tale of military sf.?-Library Journal ?Solidy engrossing . . . Moon?s great strength is her characters, particularly the soldiers and how they comport themselves when under great stress.?-Kirkus ReviewsAbout the AuthorElizabeth Moon grew up on the Texas border, served three years of active duty in the USMC (1968-71), and now lives with her husband, also a veteran, near Austin, Texas. She has published more than twenty-five novels, including Nebula Award winnerThe Speed of Dark, Hugo finalistRemnant Population, and the enduring epic fantasy series The Chronicles of Paksenarrion. She has published more than fifty short-fiction pieces in anthologies and magazines and in four of her own short-fiction collections, most recentlyMoon Flights and Deeds of Honor. When not writing, Moon enjoys photographing native plants and wildlife, knitting socks, and cooking.Excerpt. ?Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.Chapter OneSlotter Key, Port MajorDay 1Ky Vatta stood looking out the upper-floor window of the Vatta home in Port Major, just above the entrance. Below, she could see the brick walk bordered by low shrubs pruned into balls, the perfect green lawn, the white-painted palings and gate through which she and Rafe had entered a few hours before.A chill draft came off the window, reminding her that she was still in the beach clothes she?d put on before leaving Corleigh just that morning. If Stella and Helen hadn?t arrived on Corleigh yesterday, if she and Rafe had gotten back to the mainland when they planned, it would have been warm here, too. She could almost feel the elation of the previous morning as they packed to leave the island, planning to buy their own ship and leave Slotter Key together. Her fortune, they?d thought-her back pay, her savings banked on Cascadia, and the money Stella owed her for the shares Ky had given up-combined with Rafe?s personal fortune and the stipend he had from ISC, would be

Specification of Into The Fire (Vatta'S Peace)

AuthorMoon, Elizabeth
BindingMass Market Paperback
PublisherDel Rey
Publication Year30-10-2018
Height4.2 inch.
Length1.2 inch.
Width6.9 inch.
Weight0.5 pounds.

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