Now You Love Me

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Now You Love Me

Now You Love Me

Product Description Her father is gone for goodnot on a business trip like her mother saidand Annie knows it. Her little brother, Gus, might believe that hell come back, but Annie is too sharp, too observant, to believe this comforting lie. In their little house by the shore of Lake Michigan, where everything is the same and yet not, Annie, Gus, and their dreamy, beautiful mother, Paige, are on their own. Then, to add to Annies confusion, her mother starts to date Shepherd, a well-meaning and steadfast man who isnt deterred by Paiges frequent refusals of his affections. His devotion to her mother and kindhearted interest in her and Gus aside, Annie cant tell if letting this man into their small, odd family will be the solution to their problems or the start of new ones. Revealing the intricacies of the adult world through the simple eyes of a child, Now You Love Me is a heartbreaking yet genuinely funny story about the joys and pitfalls of growing up and growing older. From Publishers Weekly In this novelistic arrangement of interrelated tales, Litzenburger explores similar emotional and geographical terrain as her recent debut, The Widower, beginning again after a traumatic loss in an isolated small town in Northern Michigan. Pictures from My Fathers Trip introduces nine-year-old Annie Child, whose narration drives the book. In Annies covert hoarding of her fathers shoe in a neighbors mailbox, Litzenburger articulates the loss that dominates the narrative-the sudden departure of a parent-and adds narrative clues as the book progresses, including divorce papers in The Day Before Easter. Annies mother, Paige, embarks on a relationship with the flamboyant but nice Shepherd Nash, an electrician and artist who tries too hard to fashion them all (including Annies brother Gus) into a family. In This Beautiful Day, Paiges wild grief catches up to her, while Light and Here We Are relate the struggles of the family to find joy in starting over. Annies father is an elusive figure, and Litzenburger doesnt find a good way of talking about some of Paiges more adult quandaries. Litzenburgers childs-eye view of a family on the brink is complex but finally confounding. Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Review Its pure joy to read each of these sentences. . . . [Litzenburger] takes tremendous care with words and ideas, layering them effortlessly to create these beautiful, wounded souls. Grand Rapids Press There is also beauty here, in the determination of these broken, isolated people to survive and, ultimately, to connect. Chicago Tribune About the Author Liesel Litzenburgers writing has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and appeared in the Chicago Tribune, the Detroit Free Press, Michigan Quarterly Review, Poets & Writers, and various other publications and anthologies. She lives in Michigan. Visit her at Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Pictures from My Fathers Trip After I saw the man who could bend spoons with his eyes, everything just fell into place. For a long time, I had known things werent right, but I didnt exactly know why they were wrong. It wasnt as if I was really looking for the answer to some big question in particular; I was nine. But when I saw the incredible melting of those spoons, even if it was only TV, and heard the man talk about his life as an alien on Earth, I knew that I had some sort of answer even if I wasnt ready for it. The truth of it all just knocked me flat. It was exactly like the time I fell off the monkey bars and landed smack on my back in the hard-packed dirt. I couldnt breathe for two whole minutes, and in the time it took Miss Baker, who was on playground patrol, and the other kids to notice me lying there, I felt my whole life get sucked right up and disappear into the sky. I was alive, but I was suddenly pulled apart from every

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