Programming With JFC

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Programming with JFC

Programming with JFC

Using the JFC's Swing API you can quickly create familiar or unique GUIs for your applications and applets using numerous components including trees, tables, lists, and HTML text elements. A library of powerful user-interface components that feature pluggable look-and-feel, Swing lets you build Java programs that can either change dynamically to match the look and feel of any platform they're run on, or remain platform-neutral. In addition, Swing provides a new framework for creating your own components, as well as designing your application code. In this book, authors Scott Weiner and Stephen Asbury take a hands-on approach to mastering JFC. Using tons of working examples, complete tested source code, and a library of ready-to-use GUI components, they: * Give you a complete breakdown for each Swing component * Provide detailed style guidelines for each class * Show you how to build your own custom JFC components * Demonstrate Swing programming techniques in the context of a large application * Cover advanced topics, such as the Undo framework, animated icons, GUIs for the disabled, and more. On the CD-ROM you get: * Over 100 basic and advanced example Java programs focused on specific components or techniques. * Ready-to-use Java components * Two useful, complete Swing-based applications with source code that demonstrate multiple techniques in a single program. * JavaSoft's JDK 1.1. x and Java Foundation Classes version 1.1 * Alchemy's GifBuilder Review Some of the most appealing features of Java programming are the Swing user interface classes in the Java Foundation Classes (JFC) from Sun Microsystems.Programming with JFC is a useful guide to the powers of Swing classes, which let Java programmers create rich user interfaces that rival native code interfaces in both complexity and functionality. Programming with JFC begins with a quick tour of the basic principles of programming with Swing. First, Swing components are lightweight components (which means they do their graphics work using Java, not native code, as with the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) controls). Also, the authors do a good job of explaining the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture found in Swing components. MVC means that the different functions of controls are split up: display is handled by a view class, events are handled by a controller class, and the data are handled by a model class. MVC is one of the most rewarding features of Swing, but it does add complexity; the authors do a good job of outlining what you need to know to be productive, without getting bogged down in obsessive technical detail. The majority of this text explores the basic features of Swing user interface classes, starting with layout managers; new features, such as springs and struts; and actual controls, such as buttons. Wisely, the authors begin with simpler controls before taking on the complexities of using data models with more advanced control types, such as trees and tables. Along the way, the authors delve into menus, toolbars, and dialog boxes, showing that Swing is capable of designing applications in Java that are just as rich and functional as anything written in other programming languages. Much of the book contains source code and reference material to the features of Swing classes, but there is plenty of expertise on display, too; the book includes some excellent material on debugging Swing graphics and even some guidelines to designing custom Swing components. Overall, Programming with JFC is a great introduction to one of today's most compelling Java technologies. Swing is almost sure to be a winner with developers, and this intelligent text shows why it's a superior solution to creating appealing and efficient user interfaces in Java. From the Publisher Java Foundation Classes (JFC) are a set of Java classes used to design graphical user interfaces (GUIs) from Javasoft and Netscap

Specification of Programming with JFC

AuthorWeiner, Scott R.
Publication Year21-04-1998

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