A Golden Betrayal

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A Golden Betrayal

A Golden Betrayal

Product Description In his Arabian kingdom, Crown Prince Raif Khouri commands, and women do his will?but then he meets headstrong American Ann Richardson. To get back the priceless statue hes convinced her minions stole, Raif kidnaps her! Held captive by the sexy prince and mired in scandal at her auction house, Ann has her hands full. How can she convince Raif shes innocent?and convince her traitorous body to resist his sultry kisses? But after one night with the woman his duty will never let him have, its Raif who realizes the high price of ransom?his heart! About the Author New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Barbara Dunlop has written more than fifty novels for Harlequin Books, including the acclaimed GAMBLING MEN series for Harlequin Desire. Her sexy, light-hearted stories regularly hit bestsellers lists. Barbara is a four time finalist for the Romance Writers of Americas RITA award. Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Ann Richardson supposed she should be grateful the Interpol agents hadnt strip-searched her and slapped on the handcuffs. But after her sixth hour in the small, stuffy, gray-walled Federal Plaza interrogation room, she couldnt muster up anything but annoyance. Agent Heidi Shaw was back, a half-filled cardboard coffee cup in one hand, clipboard tucked under her opposite arm with a sheaf of papers Ann assumed were some kind of investigative notes. Agent Shaw was playing bad cop to Agent Fitz Lydalls good. She was five feet even, maybe one hundred pounds soaking wet. While Fitz was two-twenty of solid muscle with a face like a bulldog and the shoulders of a linebacker. Privately, Ann thought the roles should be reversed, but she hadnt offered up that suggestion. Either way, since shed watched a few detective dramas in her time, it was easy enough to see through their textbook ploy. The fact that she was innocent was also going to mess with their strategy. Psychological tricks and circular questioning were not going to trip Ann up and make her tell them she was selling a stolen antique statue on behalf of her employer, Waverlys Auction House. Shed learned a lot about Rayass Gold Heart statues in the past few months. Three statues had been commissioned by King Hazim Bajal in the 1700s. They were said to bring luck in love to his daughters, whod been required to marry for the convenience of their royal line and their country. One of the statues was still safe in Rayas with a modern branch of the Bajal family. The other had been lost at sea when the Titanic sank. A third had been stolen five months ago from another branch of the Rayasian royal family, the one that included Crown Prince Raif Khouri. Prince Raif was convinced Roark Black had stolen the statue on behalf of Waverlys. The accusation was preposterous. But the crown prince was a powerful, determined man, and he had both Interpol and the FBI dancing to his tune. Heidi set her clipboard on the scarred wood table, and scraped back the metal folding chair to sit across from Ann. Tell me about Dalton Rothschild. You dont read the tabloids? Ann countered, giving herself a moment to consider this new line of questioning. Dalton was the CEO of Waverlys rival, Rothschilds. I understand the two of you were close. We were friends. Ann paused. Were being the operative word. Shed never forgive Dalton for betraying her and destroying her professional reputation. His lies about their supposed affair were one thing. But his attack on her integrity was at a whole other level. Friends? Heidi mocked with obvious skepticism and disdain. So, you do read the tabloids. I read everything. So I know you never denied he was your lover. Would you like me to deny it? Id like you to answer the question. I just did, Ann pointed out. Why are you being evasive? Ann shifted her body on the hard metal chair. She was being honest, not evasive, and she resented the agents new barr

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