The Empresss New Lingerie And Other Erotic Fairy Tales: Bedtime Stories For Grown-Ups

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The Empresss New Lingerie And Other Erotic Fairy Tales: Bedtime Stories For Grown-Ups

The Empresss New Lingerie And Other Erotic Fairy Tales: Bedtime Stories For Grown-Ups

Product Description Once Upon a Time ... A haughty princess paraded in front of her people but ended up showing off far more than her leadership skills. A modern-day Cinderella went to the ball in a pair of black patent-leather stiletto heels guaranteed to bring the foot-worshipping prince to his knees. The seven dwarves proved that what they lacked in size they more than made up for in numbers. And Goldie learned that nothing is too hot when it comes to finding out which of the three bare bachelors is neither too big nor too small, but just right. In The Empresss New Lingerie your favorite childhood fairy tales have taken a decidedly adult turn. So dim the lights, get cozy, and lose yourself in sexy bedtime stories with a naughty twist. . . . Pleasant dreams. About the Author Hillary Rollins is a playwright, screenwriter, and essayist who has contributed to Cosmopolitan and several book anthologies. Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Once upon a time... ...there was a young girl who lived with her mother near the edge of a forbidding wood. She had talc-white skin, lips the color of apricots, and a blazing head full of curls so coppery she was known as Little Red Riding Hood. But as she grew from a child into ripening womanhood, the heavy, shifting dunes of her breasts and the swell of her rounded hips belied the name Little. She became simply Red. The time had come for Red to enter the dark forest and venture forth without the company of her mother or any other protector along the path. You must carry these succulent treats to Grandmothers house, said her mother, handing the girl a laden basket. And mind you, dont spill your treasures into the lap of some stranger along the way! Red started to protest, but she was hushed by a volley of teasing tongue-clicks. Uh uh uh, dont you deny it, young lady. Ive seen the way your hips sway when you walk to market. Ive seen the way you yield to the caress of the wind on your thigh or the sting of icy water on your hard little nipples when you bathe in the stream. These days you are about as likely to stray from the path of propriety as any wicked girl in the world, are you not!? It was true. Ever since shed become Red she found herself unable to control certain impulses that made her blush with shame. The changes in her person--the tightening inward of a cinched waist in contrast to the sudden, unruly voluptuousness of belly and chest; the appearance of a natural and exotic perfume that rose from the folds of her breasts and armpits; the weighty, drawing, languid sensation (almost pain, but more exquisite) when, each month, her engorged womb filled and then emptied in a terrible, rhythmic flow--all these forced upon Red a new and disturbing sensitivity that plagued her day and night. She found herself suddenly aware of her own firm buttocks, her purple-dark slit and arching spine, until she had to seek private places behind the larder or under humid quilts at night to repeatedly, in a frenzy of flying fingers, seek relief from the burning self-consciousness. But these secret acts, which always began in breathlessness and climaxed in a wash of pleasure, were inevitably followed by a sense of let-down and loathing that clung to her like a poisonous mist. She could not fully satisfy her cravings by herself. She yearned to enlist the aid of something or someone else to quench these internal fires. Yet here she was, all alone except for her decrepit mother. And now the old woman was compounding Reds wretched loneliness by sending her off, without benefit of friend or companion, on a tedious journey to Grandmothers house. It was too cruel, really. But perhaps it was exactly what she needed--something practical, something active and ruggedly physical to do--that might stop her from mooning about in a perpetual state of agitation and discontent. Maybe a vigorous walk in the woods would exorcise the demons that drove h

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