The Pagan Man: Priests, Warriors, Hunters, And Drummers

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The Pagan Man: Priests, Warriors, Hunters, and Drummers

The Pagan Man: Priests, Warriors, Hunters, and Drummers

Mens Spirituality Today Who are the men whove chosen the Pagan path? Theyre fathers, sons, brothers, and lovers, warriors, healers, and poets. They come from every background and profession, and theyre blazing trails into new social, cultural, and political territories, defining themselves in a faith community traditionally seen as dominated by womenyet theyve been there all along!Isaac Bonewits, one of Americas leading experts on ancient and modern Paganism, breaks new ground with this fascinating portrait of the fastest growing religious movement in the Western world. Drawing on interviews with over forty Pagan menand his own forty years in the Neopagan communityhe explores the issues and desires that have led tens of thousands of men to embrace Pagan spirituality. He examines the ways in which men have created, added to, and benefited from the Pagan experience, incorporating their own rituals, rites of passage, and symbols. The Pagan Man offers novices and experienced practitioners a wide range of practical information on every aspect of the Pagan lifestyle, includingTodays most popular Pagan traditionsSages, wise men, and well-known Pagans of our timeBardic circles, drumming circles, and other Pagan gatheringsDrumming, dancing, and calling down the GodsThe nine virtues, codes of chivalry, and other core Pagan beliefs attracting men and boys todayPagans and the Goddesswomen as partners and Goddesses Frank, engaging, and inspirational, this book encourages Pagan men of every stripeWiccans, Druids, Norse Pagans, or even Masonsto step away from the shadows and stereotypes, and joyfully celebrate their own special relationships with the Gods and Goddesses of the New Old Religions.ReviewAn excellent survey of the issues and themes facing Pagan men of all traditions. -- Christopher Penczak, Author, Sons of the GoddessCharacteristically exciting, original, perceptive, and challenging. -- Ronald Hutton, Author, Triumph of the MoonIsaac Bonewits proves, once again, that hes one of the greatest Pagan scholars and authors in our community today. -- Dagonet Dewr, Exec. Dir., Pagan Pride ProjectThe questions he tackles are deeply serious but he believes we can have fun while exploring them. An excellent book! -- Philip Carr-Gomm, Chosen Chief, Order of Bards Ovates & DruidsWhat a glorious testament and vindication to all the dedicated men in our Pagan community. -- Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Founder, Church of All WorldsFrom the AuthorThis book is an attempt to show all the many things that male members of what are usually thought of as "female dominated" religions have done and are doing. I also try to give a voice to those Pagan men who have told me quietly over the years that they did not dare express their real feelings where Pagan women could hear them, for fear of being labeled as "bad" Pagans. While their feelings of being an "oppressed minority" may have been exaggerated, they were (and are) genuine feelings nonetheless. Pagan men are doing an amazing number of different and exciting things within this vibrant subculture. In this book I share some of those things and offer advice to future generations of Pagan men on how to live in ways they, their brothers, and their Pagan sisters will appreciate and honor. Unlike previous works on this topic, I included materials about Pagan men and boys in a wide variety of Mesopagan and Neopagan paths, including Asatru, Voodoo, Druidism, Hellenic & Roman Reconstructionism, etc., rather than just about Wicca (Neopagan Witchcraft).About the AuthorIsaac Bonewits is a leading expert on ancient and modern Druidism, Witchcraft, and earth religions, and the author of Real Magic, Rites of Worship, and Bonewitss Essential Guide to Witchcraft and Wicca.

Specification of The Pagan Man: Priests, Warriors, Hunters, and Drummers

AuthorBonewits, Isaac
Publication Year01-12-2005

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