The Riverside Milton

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The Riverside Milton

The Riverside Milton

The first one-volume anthology of John Milton's complete poetry and selected prose to be published in over 30 years, The Riverside Milton reflects the highest quality and most current scholarship. As editor of The Milton Quarterly for 30 years, Roy Flannagan is uniquely qualified to survey Milton's work. Pedagogy includes a comprehensive index designed to help students from undergraduate to graduate levels conceive paper topics; factual introductions; extensive annotations with references; margin definitions; and a chronology.ReviewPsalm 136 Psalm 1; Done Into Verse 1653 Psalm 2; Done August 8, 1653 - Terzetti Psalm 3; When He Fled From Absalom; August 9, 1653 Psalm 4; August 10, 1653 Psalm 5; August 12, 1653 Psalm 6; August 13, 1643 Psalm 7; Upon Words Of Chush The Benjamite; August 14, 1653 Psalm 80 Psalm 81 Psalm 82 Psalm 83 Psalm 84 Psalm 85 Psalm 86 Psalm 87 Psalm 88 Psalm 8; August 14, 1653 To Mr. John Milton, Gentleman Of England: Ode Another On The Same Arcades At A Solemn Musick At A Vacation Exercise In The College Canzone Comus Elegy: 1. To Charles Diodati Elegy: 2. On The Death Of The Beadle Of The University Of Cambridge Elegy: 3. On The Death Of The Bishop Of Winchester Elegy: 4. To Thomas Young Elegy: 5. On The Coming Of Spring Elegy: 6. To Charles Diodati, Lingering In The Country An Epitaph On The Marchioness Of Winchester Il Penseroso Lycidas On The Death Of A Fair Infant Dying Of A Cough On The Morning Of Christ's Nativity On The Morning Of Christ's Nativity: The Hymn On The New Forces Of Conscience Under The Long Parliament On The University Carrier Paradise Lost Paradise Regained A Paraphrase On Psalm 114 The Passion Samson Agonistes Second Sonnet On Tetrachordon Sonnet: 10. To The Lady Margaret Ley Sonnet: 11. On The Detraction Followed My Writing Treatises Sonnet: 13. To Mr. H. Lawes, On His Airs Sonnet: 14. On The Religious Memory Of Catherine Thomason Sonnet: 15. To The Lord General Fairfax Sonnet: 16. To The Lord General Cromwell, May 1652 Sonnet: 17 Sonnet: 17. To Sir Henry Vane The Younger Sonnet: 18. On The Late Massacre In Piedmont Sonnet: 19. On His Blindness Sonnet: 2 Sonnet: 21. To Cyriack Skinner Sonnet: 23. On His Deceased Wife Sonnet: 3 Sonnet: 4 Sonnet: 5 Sonnet: 6 Sonnet: 7 Sonnet: 8. When The Assault Was Intended To The City Sonnet: 9. To A Virtuous Young Lady To The Nightingale Upon The Circumcision --Table of Poems from

Specification of The Riverside Milton

AuthorMilton, John|Flannagan, Roy
PublisherCengage Learning
Publication Year09-03-1998

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