To Serve Other Gods

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To Serve Other Gods

In this volume, Harbin addresses two main ideas in relation to the larger issue of the origin and development of religion. First is the issue of historicity of key events in the founding of major religions. The author specifically addresses the exodus and the resurrection of Judaism and Christianity, respectively, as the historical foundations of those beliefs, and the lack of such historical events in 'all' other world religions. Secondly, Harbin explores the virtually universal observation of a 'primitive high God' present in various cultures throughout the world, suggesting an early monotheism. In the process of these explorations, the author repudiates the prevalent view that religion evolved from a primitive polytheism to the ' higher revealed' religions, and demonstrates instead that it evolved from an early monotheism into increasingly complex polytheisms. Contents: EARLY RELIGION; The Source; Polytheism Runs Rampant; THE SURVIVAL OF MONOTHEISM; The World's Old Organized Religion: Judaism; Hope Fulfilled: Christianity; THAT TRAGIC CENTURY; Avoiding Death by Dying; Under the Bohdi Tree: Buddhism; Mystics Galore: Other Eastern Religions; REVELATIONS OF ANGELS AND MEN; The Step Brother Resurgent: Islam; New Gods or Old?: Modern Religious Movements; The Right Road or a Rabbit Trail?

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AuthorMicheal A. Harbin
Publication Year1994
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Length1.16 inch.
Width8.62 inch.
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