Why People Dont Heal And How They Can

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Why People Dont Heal And How They Can

Why People Dont Heal And How They Can

Product Description Why does a clean-living person get sick, while a more obvious candidate stays healthy???Why does someone with a fatal illness suddenly become well, while another with a more benign condition dies???In Why People Dont Heal and How They Can, best-selling author, medical intuitive, and teacher Caroline Myss explores the deep-seated, spiritual causes of illness, and the symbolic lessons that underlie it.??In the 1980s, when the New Age movement was growing like crazy, people began to express a willingness to take responsibility for their illness, says Myss.??We were all convinced that complete recovery of health was just one psychological insight away.??Yet after a few years of trying every available healing regimen and publicly sharing the inner wounds of their psyches, people still didnt get well.??As frustrated and puzzled as everyone else, Myss privately began to wonder if somehow they were all on the wrong track. Then in 1988 Myss had an experience that made her realize the power that lies in being wounded. One day, in passing, I introduced a friend of mine to two gentlemen I was talking with, says Myss.??Within two minutes, my friend managed to let these men know that she was an incest survivor.??Her admission had nothing whatsoever to do with the conversation wed been having, and in a flash I realized that she was using her wounds as leverage.??She had gotten to the point that she defined herself by a negative experience.??Once Myss became attuned to this phenomenon, which she quickly dubbed woundology, she saw it everywhere.??In workshops and in daily life I saw that, rather than working to get beyond their wounds, people were using them as social currency, says Myss.??They were confusing the therapeutic value of self-expression with permission to manipulate others with their wounds.??Who would want to leave that behind???Health never commands so much clout!??It was then that Myss began to challenge the assumption that people always want to heal.?? Why People Dont Heal and How They Can shows how choosing to stay stuck in woundology often comes at a terrible price:??the loss of health.??We are given a finite amount of energy to run our physical bodies, our minds, and our emotions, as well as to manage our external environments, says Myss.??When we choose to siphon off some of this energy to keep negative events in our histories alive, we are robbing that energy from our cell tissue, making ourselves vulnerable to the development of disease.??Once this path is seen as the true energy debt that it is, choosing health means choosing to release the weight of the past.??Too often, this is something that people just cant or wont do. While the practice of woundology is a common source of illness, personal negativity is not always the cause; as contradictory as it seems, sometimes illness can be the answer to prayer.??Our spiritual development is meant to culminate in an ability to see things impersonally, to recognize the greater meaning of lifes challenges apart from the literal events, says Myss.??To that end, illness can physically guide us onto a path of insight and learning upon which we would otherwise never have set foot.??It is an unparallelled catalyst for expanding personal consciousness.?? Why People Dont Heal details the intended path of ones spiritual evolution, asserting that it is a microcosm of the spiritual development of humankind over the ages.??With each astrological age (which lasts about 2,000 years), human consciousness develops in new ways, says Myss.??During each age a particular kind of energy dominates, and it affects peoples lives, health, and spiritual outlooks, leading to certain perceptions about the nature of reality and the power of the human spirit.??Since the ladder of awareness that humankind has climbed over centuries is the same one each of us is meant to ascend in our own individual lifetime, we can then study the spiritual l

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