Wonderful Alexander And The Catwings: A Catwings Tale

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Wonderful Alexander and the Catwings: A Catwings Tale

Wonderful Alexander and the Catwings: A Catwings Tale

From School Library JournalGrade 2-4-The third installment in the saga introduces a kitten whose family thinks he is so remarkable that they call him "Wonderful Alexander." One morning, he sets out to explore the world. But soon he finds himself stuck in a tree, and is rescued by Jane, a black kitten with wings. She leads him to her home, and there he meets the other Catwings. His rescuer can only say the words "Me" and, when she's frightened, "Hate." (Readers of Catwings Return [Orchard, 1989] will recall that she had a terrifying experience that left her mute.) Alexander is adopted by the Catwings' human caretaker and finds himself mulling over how to thank Jane for bringing him his good fortune. When he helps her overcome her fear of speaking, all agree that he is truly wonderful. Alexander's appearance in this charming series does more than tie up the loose threads of Jane's muteness; it also sets the stage for further adventures. The story is illustrated with delicate pen-and-ink drawings colored in soft, earth-tone washes. This pocket-sized title will appeal to early chapter-book readers, fans of the earlier books, and cat lovers in general.Mary Jo Drungil, Niles Public Library District, ILCopyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc.After being rescued by a flying cat, Alexander the cat decides to make good on a promise to do wonderful thingsFrom BooklistGr. 2-4. The third book in the Catwings series features a pampered but adventurous kitten named Alexander who leaves his comfortable home to explore the world. He's soon cold, frightened, and lost in a forest, until Jane, one of the flying cats, rescues him. In gratitude, he later helps Jane regain her speech by encouraging and even bullying her into talking about a traumatic experience in her youth. Although the writing is clear and fluid, the story is less satisfying than earlier Catwings books. Perhaps it's easier to accept a cat who's part bird than a cat who's part psychoanalyst. Still, this sequel has a place in libraries, where the earlier books have a following. S. D. Schindler's delicate ink-and-watercolor artwork continues its old enchantment, giving convincing form to the flying cats and grave beauty to the fantasy. Carolyn PhelanFrom Kirkus ReviewsThe endearing winged cats who escaped the city to be cared for by two reliable country children (Catwings, 1988, etc.) make a third appearance in this tale of a self-important kitten from nearby who discovers that his true worth is not what he has supposed. Alexander--``the biggest, the strongest, and the loudest''--has never noticed that his sisters are ``quite tired of him,'' but when he sets out to explore the world he soon learns that his cocky preconceptions don't serve. The cow who says ``Moo'' instead of ``Mew'' is unconcerned when he corrects her; speeding trucks and rude dogs threaten; when he bolts up a tree, he can't climb down and his doting parents don't turn up to help. Enter youngest Catwing Jane, nearly mute because of an early trauma (her only words are ``Me'' and ``Hate''), to take Alexander to her home--where his parents and ``Owner'' turn out to be glad to let him stay. After Alexander cajoles and hectors Jane into confronting her fears and describing them with her first real words, the Catwings agree: Alexander is ``wonderful.'' Brief as it is, this is a deftly crafted bildungsroman. The book's small format and Schindler's delicate illustrations add to the enchantment. A first chapter book to charm both newly independent readers and their elders. (Fiction. 5-10) -- Copyright

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