Young Oxford Library Of Science: 11-Volume Set

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Young Oxford Library Of Science: 11-Volume Set

Young Oxford Library Of Science: 11-Volume Set

An accessible new reference for students, The Young Oxford Library of Science is an 11-volume set that offers easy-to-find information on the physical, chemical, and biological sciences. Each volume explains its subject in language that is easy to understand and is written by its own expert author. Together, these volumes form a comprehensive library of basic knowledge on all aspects of science and how it applies to our daily lives.

Volume 1: Mind and Body There's much more to the human being than meets the eye. Under our skin and hair are elaborate systems for everything we think, feel, and do. Mind and Body explains these systems, and how to take care of them, in 24 articles on topics that include: * Bones and muscles * The brain and nerves * Digesting food * Heart and blood * Human reproduction * Lungs and breathing

Volume 2: Plants and Animals Life comes in countless shapes and sizes, but all living things have building blocks, called cells, and blueprints, called genes. Plants and Animals explores how living things came to be and how they work in 28 articles, including: * The animal kingdom * Bacteria and viruses * Cells * Classification * Evolution * The plant kingdom

Volume 3: Land, Sea, and Air Earth is four and a half billion years old, holds a quintillion tons of water, and can withstand the shock of hundreds of millions of volts. Even more striking than these statistics is how the world works, which Land, Sea and Air introduces in 29 articles that include: * Atmosphere * Climate * Continents and plates * Earth * Geology * Seasons

Volume 4: Atoms and Elements When certain atomic particles or elements meet, chemistry goes into action. Atoms and Elements contains 29 articles on nature's tiniest particles and the building blocks of all matter. This book covers all the basics, including: * Atoms and molecules * Elements and compounds * Gases * Liquids * Matter * The periodic table

Volume 5: Materials Earth's riches have provided human ingenuity plenty of opportunities; from wood, we make paper, from clay we make pottery, from oil we make energy. This volume explains how we extract and refine raw materials, as well as our responsibility to give back to the planet what we take. Its 28 articles include: * Chemical changes * Oil products * Plastics * Recycling * Resources * Working with metals

Volume 6: Light and Sound Without an understanding of light and sound, wed have no cameras or compact discs. Light and Sound explains what brings rainbows to our eyes and music to our ears. Such events are described in 23 articles, including: * Electromagnetic spectrum * Fiber optics * Mirrors and lenses * Sound recording * Sound * Ultrasound

Volume 7: Electricity and Electronics Without electricity and electronics, we would have no communications, computers, or cars. Electricity and Electronics contains 24 articles that explain everything from making electricity to microchip magic. Learn all about: * Electricity * Electronics * Magnetism and electromagnetism * Robots and artificial intelligence * Video equipment * Virtual reality
Volume 8: Energy and Forces What do refrigerators, watches, and wheelbarrows all have in common? Inventors developed them using the principles of physics, which is the study of energy and forces. The topics of this books 26 articles include: * Energy * Engines and turbines * Forces * Gravity * Motion * Temperature

Volume 9: Science in Action By understanding scientific principles, we can use them to make tools and technology that make our lives easier and more interesting. Science in Action shows how physics, chemistry, biology, and botany have revolutionized human endeavors from farming to space exploration. The 24 articles include: * Aircraft * Bikes and motorcycles * Buildings * Printing words and pictures * Satellites * Technology

Volume 10: Stars and Planets Stars and Planets takes us on a tour of outer space, from Earth's closest neighbor the moon to galaxies 14-billion light-years away. But unlike stops on an ordinary tour, all of these wonders are in constant motion. Learn why and how in 27 articles that include: * Astronomy * Solar System * Planets * Stars * Galaxies * Universe

Volume 11: Reference Volume and Series This volume contains an index of the entire set of books in The Young Oxford Library of Science as well as ready-reference material and further readings that supplement the individual titles in the series. The Reference Volume and Series Index is an extraordinary resource filled with fascinating information, such as:

* Diagrams of the skeletal system, eyes, nose, teeth, heart, brain, and reproductive systems

* Lists of the ten largest islands, ten highest mountains, ten largest deserts, ten longest rivers, and ten stars closest to the sun

* Tables of the constellations with their common names and times when they are visible; the chemical elements with their symbol, number, atomic weight, and the year it was discovered; and the galaxies, their type, distance, and diameter

* Everyday information such as recommended daily servings, wind chill index, and heat index

In addition, the reference volume includes nearly 250 important inventors and discoverers listed with dates, nationality, and major invention and discovery, and a further reading list and useful websites, sorted by subject matter tied in to each volume.

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AuthorOxford University Press
PublisherOxford University Press
Publication Year2002

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