Electronic Health Records: Understanding And Using Computerized Medical Records And CD Student Software Package (Paperback)

Electronic Health Records, a foundational course in Health Information Management or Health Information Technology programs prepares students to understand and use electronic records in a medical practice. Gartee's, first of its kind, how to text is designed to train future users of EHR programs, to document patient exam, diagnosis, orders, and coding. It contains screen shots, exercises and activities to provide a complete learning system. Written for everyone in the office who will touch the electronic medical record, course material is suitable for medical and nursing schools, allied health career schools, universities, community colleges and continuing education programs.



The Student CD that accompanies the book, can be networked, used for distance learning, or purchased individually or as a val pak with the book. The software does not come bound in the book.  Instructors will receive a copy of the Medcin Software which is bound into the instructors manual by contacting their local representative.


The Medcin Student Edition Software may be value packed with Richard Gartee's Electronic Health Records - ISBN: 0131564862  for $10.00 more than the price of the text or as a stand alone Student CDROM - ISBN:0131789376 available from Prentice Hall.


The software is multi-user allowing students to work simultaneously and keep work separate.  Exercise print outs generated from Medcin automatically include the student's login name or ID.  Medcin is the licensed core technology in many prominent EHR Systems.  10 out of 15 EHR systems for medical offices use Medcin nomenclature as the  technology underlying commercial EHR systems.  Students therefore are more likely to apply skills acquired in this course to an EHR application in their office.

  • All work is printed and no exercises require saving.
  • All exercises are designed to be completed during a normal class time.
  • Printers use a standard Windows system.
  • For distance learning, the software allows the student to Print to HTML which will output the exercise document into a file that can be emailed.

Product dimensions : 10.9x1.1x8.5 inches
Product weight : 2.3 pounds

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