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  • "I loved the books. Grandchildren read immediately. Parents were happy to receive. Thank you"
    Patricia A. - October 15 2018
  • "The product has been lost. The seller sent me a new product again. I did receive it very soon. Very good product and seller policy. The service was really (several messages) prompt and courteous. Thanks a lot."
    fonseca - October 4 2018
  • "Appreciate their promptness"
    Todd A. - September 26 2018
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    kenya - September 22 2018
  • "Neat book"
    Amber F. - September 20 2018
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Living the story - The Hiding Place Living the story - The Hiding Place
  Yesterday, while scrolling down my list, I came across this name - 'The Hiding Place' by Corrie Ten Boom and it reminded me of an incident worth reminiscing. We were in our classroom, three girls, eight boys. The classroom was in the basement and would always appear quite scary to a newcomer. That winter evening, having completed the assignments, we began chit-chatting. One of our friends announced that he would tell us a horror story which he believed to be a real-life exper...
Posted On: February 07, 2019 : Read more
Top 12 Classics To Read In 2019! Top 12 Classics To Read In 2019!
  Hey, book lovers! Here is the list of 12 classics that you can’t miss upon! Let’s make it a goal for 2019.    To kill a mockingbird Author: Harper Lee Published: 1960   ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ is America’s most-loved classic book. The book is recorded to sell a million copies every year. It needs to be read more than once if you want to inhale its essence fully. The book is quite slow. B...
Posted On: January 31, 2019 : Read more
Science Fiction: Innovating Space and Time | Sci-fi Books 2018 Science Fiction: Innovating Space and Time | Sci-fi Books 2018
  Given the fact that science has always enthralled the masses with its discoveries and facts, Science Fiction, also known as SF or sci-fi, sprung up as a popular genre in literature enthusiasts. The genre encompassed the astonishing visions of outer space and time, stories of time travel, exploration of other worlds, interplanetary spaceflight and extraterrestrial beings and filled the minds and consciousness of the readers with captivating curiosity to discover the m...
Posted On: December 04, 2018 : Read more
Stay in touch with Books | World of Reading Stay in touch with Books | World of Reading
                                         "Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.  – Mason Cooley"   Out of the numerous things that interest me on an everyday basis, ‘Reading’ tops the chart. Of course, what can be more enchanting than a good book in hand along with a cup of coffee, both complementing the dazzling wea...
Posted On: November 27, 2018 : Read more