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Business Policy and Strategic Management (MCGRAW HILL SERIES IN MANAGEMENT)      (Hardcover)
Product dimensions : 9.75x1.75x7.75 inches Product weight : 3.8 pounds..
Air Pollution Control Engineering      (Hardcover)
This text covers the whole air pollution field, from an engineering perspective. The principal topic..
Statistical Procedures for Engineering, Management, and Science (McGraw-Hill series in industrial engineering and management science)      (Hardcover)
A comprehensive textbook on statistical Procedures Product dimensions : 9.75x1.25x6.75 inches Produc..
Organizational Strategy: Structure and Process (McGraw-Hill series in management)      (Hardcover)
Books and articles come and go, endlessly. But a few do stick, and this book is such a one. Organiza..
The American Tradition in Literature: Shorter Edition in One Volume/Ninth Edition      (Paperback)
Literature Product dimensions : 9.25x2.25x6 inches Product weight : 3.55 pounds..
The Korean War: Challenges In Crisis, Credibility And Command      (Paperback)
This concise and cogent text is a history of America's diplomatic and military involvement in the Ko..
A Child's World: Infancy Through Adolescence
A Child's World is an accessible, applied, chronologically organized text for the child development ..
Glencoe Precalculus Student Edition (ADVANCED MATH CONCEPTS)
Glencoe Precalculus Student Edition (ADVANCED MATH CONCEPTS)"Glencoe Precalculus (c)2011, 2nd Editio..
Dynamics of Mass Communication      (Paperback)
Presents a discussion of the many facets of mass communication. Coverage of the complex issues facin..
Film History: An Introduction      (Hardcover)
Written by two of the leading film scholars, Film History: An Introduction, is the long-awaited, com..
Theater: The Lively Art      (Paperback)
Created for Theater Appreciation courses that cover both history and elements, the new fifth edition..
Organizational Behavior: Human Behavior at Work      (Hardcover)
This revised text includes many new topics and concepts from contemporary organizational behaviour l..
Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers (McGraw-Hill Chemical Engineering Series)      (Hardcover)
Intended for a higher level chemical engineering design course, this book brings together all the fu..
Interactions Access: A Communicative Grammar      (Paperback)
Part of a three-book programme designed to help beginners on an ESL programme to develop functional ..
Scientific Computing:  An Introductory Survey      (Hardcover)
This is a broad overview of numerical methods and software for students and professionals in compute..
Assault on Paradise: Social Change in a Brazilian Village      (Paperback)
This book is designed for use as a supplementary text in cultural and anthropology courses. The book..
Grammatika V Kontekste: Systematizing Russian in Literary  and Nonl Texts      (Paperback)
This workbook is a great resource for advanced Russian learners who are seeking to improve their gra..
Textbook of Dendrology (Mcgraw-Hill Series in Forest Resources)      (Paperback)
Textbook of Dendrology has been a successful and popular text for nearly 60 years. This 8th edition ..
Reinforced Concrete: Preliminary Design for Architects and Builders      (Hardcover)
This basic text has been written for students of architecture and building construction and is appro..
002: Music in Theory and Practice      (Paperback)
Gives majors a foundation in the theory of music. This text serves as a general introduction to musi..